Home news In New York, democratic nations could agree to military intervention in Venezuela

In New York, democratic nations could agree to military intervention in Venezuela

According to Diego Arria, in private meetings which will be carried out within the framework of General Assembly of the UN I would settle for onemultinational force to liberate Venezuela. It is not excluded use of force

By Gabriela Perozo / MiamiDiario

The ambassador's statements Diego Arria they took place in the framework of the meeting in Miami to analyze the Venezuelan crisis.

The ambassador insisted that heto leave is a military intervention, a powerful action from the democratic countries in the region take care of humanitarian crisis and provoke at the same time output of corrupt rulers.

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Arria claims that it is possible that the gathering of nations will help the presidents who want to help the Venezuelans and who qualify the dictatorship of the Nicolás Maduro regime as a dictatorship. plan that makes humanitarian intervention possible or a forcing action to overthrow the illegal government.

Do not exclude that according to an army of peace composed of men from different countries, said intervention has been successfully carried out.

Although in his opinion the Venezuelans do not expect much from the debates that will take place within the General Assembly of the UN, where Venezuela will be mentioned many times.

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The Venezuelan civil society made one meeting in the city of Miami to hear from ambassador Diego Arria himself what the meeting was between the members of the Security Council of the United Nations that the Venezuelans in New York received to get first-hand knowledge of the serious crisis that the nation is going through.

The assembly in exile was attended by politicians, soldiers, businessmen, intellectuals, professionals and young people who gave their ideas about how a political change in Venezuela also contributing his vision on a possible transition.

One of the interventions that came out was that of Gonzalo Morales, President of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Venezuela, in his opinion the "Unity of command, unity of criteria and unity of action … should be the key and the main justification for the transitional government is called ".

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In his opinion the ambassador Diego Arria would be the right interlocutor for the government of the United States to achieve a humanitarian intervention in Venezuela.

This criterion was shared by several attendees who assured this figures separate from politics, with a strong personality and deep knowledge of world diplomacy, such as Diego Arria, would be very valuable to achieve cohesion, a true unity beyond traditional politicians put into practise actions to give the Venezuelans urgent help, materialize the change of government in Venezuela and carry out a peaceful transition.

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