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In Khakassia, a company started because of a shutdown of the heat supply

In Khakassia, the public prosecutor brought four administrative cases against the managers of Khakassky TEK LLC because of the closure of the heat supply in Chernogorsk and the village of Ust-Abakan, the ministry website said.

Two cases are known for a violation of the scheme for offering public services to the consumer (article 7.23 of the Administrative Code) and another two – for violation of the rules for the use of fuel and energy (article 9.11 of the Administrative Code).

"During the check of the prosecutor, electricity supply was fully restored," – said in a statement.

The ministry added that the debt from Khakassky's fuel and energy complex to IDGC of Siberia (included in Rosseti) is 61 million rubles.

Earlier, IDGC of Siberia reported that its Khakasenergo department was forced to reduce the unpaid electricity supply to a number of housing and public facilities. The company explained that notifications were sent 10 days before the restrictions were imposed on the debtor owners and the authorities, but no action was taken. After receiving a letter from the head of Khakassia, Valentina Konovalov, IDGC from Siberia resumed power supply under his "personal guarantees".



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