Home news In freedom suspicious to run over the old man and run away

In freedom suspicious to run over the old man and run away

It happened on the edge of the afternoon last Tuesday, October 9, in the east of the city of Hialeah. A red corolla of toyota, crossed south on the 4th. avenida and on the left-hand road on 17th Street he hit a man, whom he left seriously in the middle of the street, but who later died in the hospital.

For days was searched until Thursday, helped by an anonymous informant, who identified the person and the car, the authorities arrested Maydelis Pulido, 23, as the alleged driver who had killed the elderly Orlando Quiala, 79, and fled the scene.

But apparently everything seems to agree on the responsibility of Pulido. Now the girl, who has been bailed for $ 10,000, is facing charges for leaving a scene after someone has been killed. According to the report, the car involved in the incident was stolen.

The fact happened on Tuesday when residents of the town saw a man in the street fighting for his life after being hit by a car. Because of the extent of his injuries, he had to be flown to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

Identify a woman who has become older in Hialeah

[TLMD - MIA]    Identify a woman who has become older in Hialeah

Orlando Quiala, 79 years old and of Cuban origin, often went to a hardware store where he had worked before, although he no longer lived in the city of Hialeah. According to witnesses, at the time of the impact, he went to look for coffee, as he usually did every time he visited the place.


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