In a letter about the alliance with BJP, the leader of JD (U) reminds Nitish of the promise of “RSS-mukt Bharat” – assembly elections


The JD (U) alliance with the BJP in Delhi has caused tumults within the Bihar-based party, as Pavan Verma, principal leader and member of parliament, wrote to Nitish Kumar reminding him of his call to “RSS-mukt Bharat” while He claimed that Saffron’s ally was developing a socially divisive agenda.

In his letter, Verma said the alliance for the Delhi polls would mark the first instance in recent times when the JD (U) was expanding its partnership with the BJP beyond Bihar.

“I am deeply perplexed by this development and await its ideological clarity. On more than one occasion, he expressed serious fears about the BJP-RSS combine, ”Verma said in his letter to Bihar’s prime minister.

Verma said that Kumar had mentioned to him on several occasions that the policies of the BJP were contrary to the interests of the country and were taking India to a “dangerous space”.

“When you led the Mahagathbandhan, you had made an open call to RSS-mukt Bharat,” he said in his letter to Kumar.

Verma said that Kumar’s opinion as transmitted to him was that the BJP was destroying institutions and that it was necessary for democratic and socialist forces to regroup.

“If these are your real opinions, I don’t understand how the JD (U) is now extending its alliance with the BJP beyond Bihar, when even the long-standing BJP allies, such as Akali Dal, have refused to do so, ” he said.

Kumar said that the BJP, through the combined CAA-NPR-NRC, had embarked on a socially divisive agenda aimed at mutilating the peace and harmony of the country.

He said that icons like Mahatma Gandhi, Ram Manohar Lohia or Jaiprakash Narain would have fought the agenda with nails and teeth.

“I think there is an urgent need for the JD (U) to harmonize what the constitution of the party says, what the party leader feels in private and what actions the party takes in public. Politics, as we have emphasized, must be about principles and the courage of conviction, ”he added.

Verma, a former Indian Foreign Service official sought “ideological clarity at a formal meeting of the JD (U)” or by other means.

Verma has also been quite critical of the BJP in the past.

In the upcoming Delhi elections, both the BJP and Congress are trying to evict a formidable Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) team led by Arvind Kejriwal. Apparently with an eye on the considerable vote of the people of Bihar in the national capital, the BJP has decided to contest the elections in alliance with the JD (U) of Kumar, while Congress has allocated four seats for the RJD led by Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Significantly, the BJP decided not to ally with Shiromani Akali Dal, one of the party’s oldest allies in the Delhi elections. The party also separated from its oldest ally, Shiv Sena, after the Maharashtra polls.



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