Weather forecast for Tuesday 5 February 2019
Detroit Free Press

Rain, rain and more rain are expected to turn into a winter mix of a tenth to a quarter-inch of ice on Wednesday morning in southeast Michigan.

"We do not expect a heavy ice storm, but enough ice to influence the morning commute tomorrow (Wednesday)," said NWS meteorologist Dave Gurney.

The National Weather Service gave a winter weather advice for freezing rain and wet snow, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, before & through 39; sections of southeastern Michigan along and south of the I-69 Corridor & # 39 ;.

"Dangerous and slippery travel conditions are likely, especially on untreated roads, bridges, exits and viaducts." Motorists should anticipate very variable driving conditions based on treated or untreated roadways, "the advice says.

In addition, a dangerous weather forecast warns of a "second round of light freezing rain" from Wednesday evening to Thursday. Up to a tenth of an inch of ice accumulation is expected north of M-59.

Gurney said that a cold front has arrived on Monday and that the temperature is expected to drop to Wednesday morning until the mid-1920s. However, in the afternoon a weather heating is expected, causing the temperature to come to a height of about 38 degrees.

The national weather forecast predicted that a warm-up will continue until Thursday, reaching the mid-40s, accompanied by a 50 to 90 percent chance of rain.

"It's back and forth (this week)," Gurney said.

Gurney said that NWS does not expect to expand the advice due to global warming, but will continue to check whether an extension is necessary.

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