Ian Brossat democracy will be in France 2


Finally, France 2 has decided to invite Ian Brossat, head of the PCF list for the European elections, to participate in the debate on these elections with most of the leaders on April 4th. "I got confirmation on Monday morning. It's a great victory. It shows that when we mobilize we reach our goals. We can't wipe out a party like the PCF," says Ian Brossat, whose formation launched the "Not without us" campaign social network. The candidate also notes that, from now on, "the local branches of France 3 invite us anywhere". The PCF does not intend to resign itself to being excluded from the media and from the democratic debate. His national secretary, Fabien Roussel, wrote to the BFMTV management yesterday to protest his exclusion from the debate on Wednesday 20 March. Organized on the theme of the great national debate, this program will bring together the majority of party leaders, excluding PCF. However, he sits "at the Assembly, the Senate and the European Parliament" and has a large local presence with his "800 mayors and 8,000 local elected representatives," said Fabien Roussel, who recalled that the PCF was " the only opposition force to have been received by the Prime Minister ", on Saturday, after having formulated ten proposals for France to respond to the social emergency. A. S.