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"I find it filthy," Lydia Frentzel mocked on the internet after the sexist remarks of Stéphane Ravier

Lydia Frentzel, EELV adviser at the Marseille city hall. – Lydia Frentzel

  • Stéphane Ravier, Senator of the National Gathering made sexist remarks against Lydia Frentzel during Marseille City Council.
  • Since then, Lydia Frentzel, municipal councilor EELV, undergoes mockery and attacks on the internet.
  • Her reaction has allowed other women to testify to the sexist attacks they face on a daily basis.

"It does not stop anymore" Since sexist remarks by Senator Rassemblement National (RN) Stéphane Ravier to Lydia Frentzel (EELV) in full
municipal council of
Marseille, the ecologist elect suffered an outburst of mockery and insults on

Last Monday, Stéphane Ravier, taken by the city councilor, had retorted a "same hotel, the same day, at the same time," causing laughter in his camp. The mayor LR of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin went so far as to say "in any case, it's not in my office, huh".

"I would prefer to defend my ideas"

The city councilor, elected in the northern districts of Marseille, has since granted several interviews on this incident. What cause a wave of hatred on social networks. "I'm caricatured in the shape of a doll on a website. I find it disgusting, filthy, "she says.

Lydia Frentzel did not expect such consequences: "Throughout our life course and our political journey, we live this kind of things. I had destabilizations in politics, it's something recurrent, but destabilization to this point on social networks to give reason to Ravier, I did not expect it. "

She is especially tired of having to waste time to counter these attacks. "I would prefer to defend my ideas, defend a model of society, ideas for Marseille and the Marseillais rather than defend myself personally," regrets Lydia Frentzel.

"I had never received such strong confidences"

She also did not expect this story to grow on a national or even international scale. Her niece phoned her from Cyprus to warn her that "things" were spinning on her on the internet.

President RN Marine Le Pen has meanwhile downplayed this Monday, saying she does not want to "police the joke in bad taste". "But it's not bad taste," says the ecologist. This reflection is out of his heart, it is a natural reflex that defines what he is and what he thinks. "

Consequences of this article presenting as "the new girlfriend Schiappa" inflatable doll, which has still been visited more than 10,000 times, Lydia Frentzel decided to write to the prefect to request the removal of the site.

Only positive point, the reaction of the elected, who has not dismounted against the attack of Stéphane Ravier, has freed the word of other women. "I receive a lot of sympathy, but especially other women who tell me about their daily lives. Languages ​​are loosened, women write to me everywhere, even Kabylie. They entrust me with their situations, professional, personal. They see me as an example who managed to say stop. I had never received such strong confidences, "said the elected, who announced last week to have filed a complaint against Stéphane Ravier.

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