Home news How will the Midwest flood affect the Mississippi River in Southeast Louisiana?

How will the Midwest flood affect the Mississippi River in Southeast Louisiana?

NEW ORLEANS – Incredible footage of flooding along the Missouri River – fields and neighborhoods now resembling Iowa lakes, national guard helicopters dropping sandbags near Fremont, Nebraska – have caught the country's attention.

The flood is the result of a powerful low-pressure system that quickly became more intensive and dumped inches of rain and snow at the end of last week.

The Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River in St. Louis, so how will it affect downstream Louisiana?

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No worries: the effect is much more subtle here. The Mississippi River in New Orleans now starts, just below the flood stage, at 17 feet. Protect dikes up to 20 feet.

National Weather Service hydrologist Pat Brown said it is expected to fall gradually until the end of March.

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A secondary increase due to upstream floods is expected here in early April, but it is not expected to be as high as the current summit.

Often the great flood from the north decreases as the river broadens downstream in Louisiana.

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