How to stop the video distribution


GRough companies deleted the live video of the act from their platforms just hours after the attack on the synagogue in Halle. "We are in close contact with each other and are determined to disrupt online distribution of violent and extremist content," said the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism group in the United States on Wednesday. The members are Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. To automatically remove the video & # 39; s, so-called "hashing" is applied. This was developed after the attack in Christchurch, New Zealand in March this year.

Halle & # 39; s murderer had broadcast his live video of the crime on the internet in real time. He used the Twitch streaming platform, which belongs to Amazon. Twitch is a broadcast site for video games. The games, often first-person shooters, are viewed and followed by other players. Halle & # 39; s video is also partially filmed as a first-person shooter. It resembles the images from Christchurch, where the shooter used a first-person helmet camera to film the killing of 51 people in two mosques and broadcast live on the internet. As with Christchurch, copies and parts of the recordings from Germany are rapidly spreading on the Internet – both by adherents of the murderer's anti-Semitic ideology and by people condemning the act.

On his official Twitter account, Twitch announced that the video was viewed live by 5 people and was subsequently retrieved by 2200 users. After 30 minutes, the company removed the video from the internet platform. The suspect's user account was previously only used once to stream. Facebook said it still has no details about how often the video has been posted on its platforms or how many users have seen it. Twitter referred Reuters to the explanation of the "Global Internet Forum to Terrorism Counter" forum. Google and Telegram initially did not respond to requests for comment.



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