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Henning Kagermann: "Germany is car country"

The National Platform for Future Mobility (NPM), which was set up by Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) in the fall of 2018, has come into focus in recent weeks: the "Spiegel" reported that the Expert Commission is proposing to the government For reasons of climate protection, the introduction of a general speed limit on motorways and higher fuel taxes. Scheuer immediately rejected these measures as "against all common sense", members of the NPM felt thereby snubbed. How is the platform going to continue? Questions to its chairman Henning Kagermann

TIME ONLINE: Mr. Kagermann, how angry
Are you the chairman of the National Platform Future of Mobility,
that proposals such as a speed limit on highways and an increase of
Fuel taxes have penetrated to the outside prematurely?

Henning Kagermann: Of course, many are upset that someone is targeted to confidentiality
abused. That should not happen and it has the work of the NPM in
put a wrong light on. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that the task too
important to be hampered by such a thing. We will endeavor,
that in the future the confidentiality will be respected. The misunderstanding in the
The public was that what was being distributed was not a suggestion
the platform are.


The NPM consists of six working groups, all of which are very widely staffed. In working group sessions
Everything is collected first, before the ideas are evaluated and prioritized. What
now became public, are parts of a list of ideas. There is no one yet
Proposal and no report by the working group, and more importantly
is – certainly not a decision of the steering committee of the entire platform.

TIME ONLINE: Transport Minister Scheuer has
The ideas mentioned immediately as "remote from reality" and "against each
Common sense, "chastised." Do you find Mr. Scheuer's reaction unfair?

I understand that politics has to answer daily because voters
to expect that. Our task is to prepare the state of affairs and in the end
make convincing options for action. The working group leaders and me
have now had a very good, constructive conversation with the Minister.
The Department of Transportation is in charge of the NPM, that's why I think
It is good that the Minister is interested in the state of the deliberations. We have
a good relationship, and of course the NPM is an independent body.

Henning Kagermann
© Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images

TIME ONLINE: What are the ratings?
Working groups internally the suggestions?

For me personally, the two key questions are: How effective is a measure?
And how big is the conversion probability? For the second question is
Crucially, whether a measure is affordable, acceptable and socially acceptable
is. Of course you put the suggestions with the biggest one up on the list
Effectiveness and with the highest probability that they realized too

TIME ONLINE: Is with Mr. Scheuers
Does the speed limit in the working group no longer matter?

I do not want to prejudge the working group. But a general one
Speed ​​limits on highways has not been particularly high
Effectiveness, and the Federal government has become clear
Probability of implementation expressed. That speaks in my opinion
that the proposal is at the bottom of the list.

TIME ONLINE: The speed limit was in
The last weeks discussed violently. Why is it in Germany right now?
difficult to objectively discuss a change in traffic?

I do not think Germans are more emotional about the car than others
Nations. Mobility is from all sectors where it is about transformation
goes, the area that comes closest to the citizen. He touches everyone
Day, and everyone has an opinion – and this is not only true in Germany.
Mobility is important to all of us: I can go on vacation, I can stay in the
Green living and commute to work, I can go shopping or in the evening
Theatre. Mobility is something positive, mobility is freedom.

in addition
comes: Germany is car country. There are only a few countries that like us cars
produce and export on a large scale. For that we are famous worldwide,
and this industry plays an important role. Germany is fine, if it is
the car industry is doing well. We can not talk that down. So one has to
Transformation of transport mandatory site security, competitiveness
and think about jobs.

The third: We are the only country that at the same time the transformation of
Mobility and the energy sector, the phasing out of nuclear power and coal.
We should therefore not look at mobility in isolation, but in the narrow
Collaboration with the energy transition. That makes things difficult, but they are
Conditions. Now we have to make the best of it.

TIME ONLINE: They said, supreme
Priority would be action with great effectiveness. Which would that be?

For me these are the following points: digitization, drive and
Changing fuel, reducing traffic and switching to greener


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