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Helen Skelton opens on THOSE shorts at Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and breastfeed at BBC meetings

HELEN Skelton & # 39; s & # 39; Revealing & # 39; outfits were the talk of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, but the woman herself claims she has completely blocked it – until her father Richard appeared on this morning to defend her.
Exclusively for Fabulous Online she said: "The first one I knew was that my brother texted me:" Why is father on this morning? "He is a Northern dairy farmer."
BBC Helen Skelton made a furore with her outfits at the Rio 2016 OlympicsBBC / Ruckas Pictures She stressed that attention did not bother her – and says she thinks that people would rather view photos of her in shorts than on co-host Mark FosterHelen Skelton sent viewers wanted after she presented the pool in Brazil
The 35-year-old TV presenter, who supports the Help us help campaign, added: "At the end of the day, it was a short story, Mark Foster was as good as me.
"At the risk of sounding like a bit of a joke, I can understand why they would have put a picture of me in shorts in the newspaper instead of a picture of Mark in shorts.
"It does not irritate me so much."
At that time the rugby competition WAG lived in France while her husband Richie Myler (28) played for the Catalan Dragons – and jumped on the chance to sail to sunny Brazil.
Getty – Contributor The glamorous TV presenter said that she & # 39; flattered & # 39; is when people call her a sex symbol – but joked that she was not sure that her husband would always agree Cute – Engineer Helen, who is married to rugby league-ace Richie Myler, 28, supports a new campaign for The Royal British Legion . Said: "Everyone thinks that I am completely lying when I say how I did not really fit the shorts over the shorts.
"But it was the first time I was away from my son, I am a huge sports fan and I love live TV, so that was my dream performance for me.
"I was in South America that I love, I did not want to be away from my child, but I was also alone with Ernie in a country where I did not speak the language and had no support network for a year, so frankly I have the chance to go to work.
"I had not spoken to anyone other than my child for a year."

Helen Skelton felt & # 39; absolutely terrible & # 39; after taking fat-burning pills for new documentary
Helen, who is mum by Ernie, three and Louis, one, said she was flattered & # 39; is when people call her a sex symbol – but joked that she is not sure if Richie would always agree.
She said, "I think my husband would not agree at five o'clock in the morning if I'm in my PJs and covered with spotroom.
"I think as soon as you start worrying about how people see you and what other people are saying about you, you are really confused.
"I am a mother and I work and I travel all over the country and I do not sleep so much, so I do not really have time to worry about what others think I could be.
"You can not keep everyone happy, do you?"
Helen admitted that she was asked to pose nude, but said she would not do it for ANY amount.
She said, "Yes, I was asked, I do not even think there was a fee, I did not get in, I just thought," No, that is not for me. "

The Countryfile presenter had a scary short maternity leave after the birth of her first child, and returned to work for the World Swimming Championships when Ernie was just six weeks old.
And despite the fact that she worked in a men-heavy industry, Helen had no problems breastfeeding in BBC board meetings.
She said, "It was crazy, I'm like any parent who juggles, and I think you never think you're doing well.
"I took Ernie with me, but I could do it because he was in a pram at the far end of the desk, I gave him something to eat that he slept, I gave him something to eat that he was sleeping.
"My poor colleagues, I was always in a meeting with the baby under a scarf while I was feeding him.
"I would find it more difficult to work with him now that he is 3. People say, oh my god, six weeks!" But that worked for me at the time. . & # 39;
Instagram Helen returned to work, only six weeks after the birth of her first child. Dear employee She even gave breastfeeding during BBC meetings after her brief short maternity leave. TV presenter Alex Jones, 40, recently confessed that she only took three months maternity leave because she was worried about being replaced on The One Show.
Alex, who is the mother of Teddy, left the role only two weeks before the birth and has since said that she regrets it has taken so short.
Helen said, "I do not really have a job, so I did not have to lose (after having children).
"I think many women feel like that, I felt after Ernie, but after your second, your priorities are re-framed.
"There are some jobs that I can not do anymore, but I like to think that a mother offers new opportunities."

Getty Images – Getty The glam presenter said that a mother opens new opportunities, even though it closes a number of doors. Helen, who worked three years for BBC Radio Cumbria and Newsround before becoming big in 2008 with Blue Peter and Countryfile, said she learned to ignore the online trolls – but not if they agree with her husband Richie.
She said, "I was lucky that I was in this world before I had a big profile, I'm used to people telling me mean things and things that are not true.
"People who quickly get fame, it's really hard to take in. It's true to your self-confidence and makes you feel like you've done something wrong and that's not the case, but you'll get it 10 years and it'll be fine.
"I am tempted to take revenge for my husband, when people grieve him about his work, but never about me.
"For me, they comment on the person they see on TV, they do not know who I am when I step into my house."
Helen Skelton of Countryfiles shakes viewers by getting dirty in intimate & # 39; mud wrestling clip
Instagram The mother-of-two has presented Countryfile for a decadeHelen has worked with P & G and Sainsbury for the second time, to help The Royal British Legion and Poppy Scotland with the Help Us, Help Them campaign, where one package is equal to one donation.
She said, "I like how straightforward the campaign is, you do not have to do anything extra, you just have to go shopping.
"I also respect the Royal British Legion for a long time – they support many families and young people.
"There are 6.7 million people benefiting from the money raised in this campaign, and this year they are going to issue scholarships.
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"I spoke to a gentleman who was medically discharged and had serious mental health problems and depression after he came out.
"The legion sent him to a rehabilitation center and he said thanks to him that he is on the mend, he is in the neighborhood, he is a father to his two young children and a husband, and without the legion he would not be."
Helen spoke earlier about "being touched" by a dart pigeon while pregnant on TV.
And, in more celebrity news, here's why the wedding guests of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank can not use the loo after 10.00 … and more things they can not do.
Is this the moment when TV presenter Helen Skelton was seized live by the darts player in the air? & # 39;

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