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Hate, deep from the Internet | TIME ONLINE

Since the fall of 2018, threats have been piling up on the courts, police, lawyers and editorial offices of major media houses. They are signed with different names: NSU 2.0, Wehrmacht, Elysium, Red Army Faction or Staatsstreichorchester. A suspect is therefore now in custody recently. The threatening letters, which are attributed to him by the investigators, were signed with National Socialist offensive. He should not be alone, however.

The arrested André M. was already known in 2007 as Apple Festival bomber of Rellingen. He had threatened with a bomb attack at that time. He was acquitted because the court doubted the seriousness of the announcement. Regardless, M. was convicted three times for over 100 cases of property damage and arson. Appraisers attested him a personality disorder. Now the Attorney General Berlin is dealing with him.

The trail of NSU 2.0, Elysium, State Orchestra and Red Army Faction leads into the hidden parts of the internet, the Deep Web. Whistleblowers and oppositionists who fear for their lives in authoritarian regimes also communicate there. The encrypted pages can only see who goes to the Internet with the Tor Browser. The connection is routed through three randomly selected servers, making the user anonymous. Because users find it difficult to expose, the Deep Web has also spread organized crime and right-wing extremist networks.

In Germany, the child pornography exchange Elysium and the forum Germany in the Deep Web (DiDW) were known to the general public. Drugs and malicious software were sold on DiDW, right-wing extremists exchanged views about plans to overthrow them – and traded weapons. The Munich gunman received his murder weapon, a Glock 17, and more 500 rounds of ammunition. The arms dealer and the administrator of DiDW are serving several years in prison. Four operators of the child pornography forum Elysium were sentenced in March, they also went to jail.

Third version went online

Nevertheless, last autumn, the third version of the forum went online. The Federal Criminal Police Office had number one and two shut off. But several users had secured the call histories and also made the pages of DiDW 2.0 accessible again. Includes instructions on how to build a weapon.

Almost simultaneously with the relaunch of DiDW version 3.0, a user called Wehrmacht came into view. On December 20, under a swastika flag, he asked to donate money to build a NSU 2.0. Accordingly, the perpetrators planned a decentralized funding network for legal terrorism.

While the former operator of DiDW was considered naïve in court, the arms dealer and the gunman of Munich clearly demonstrated right-wing extremist motives. The dealer had a "disgusting attitude" and was a staunch supporter of Hitler, said the judge at the verdict. Even the current series of threatening letters probably has a right-wing terrorist background.

As early as August 2018, just four months before Wehrmacht's announcement on DiDW, the lawyer for NSU victims, Seda Başay-Yıldız, received a threatening fax signed with the abbreviation NSU 2.0, containing private information. Media reported then about the case, the track led to the Frankfurt police. Investigations are ongoing against a group of five officials who have been suspended from the service.



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