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Has Angela Hill understood the key to becoming a champion?

NASHVILLE – When it comes to being a successful MMA fighter, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Angela Hill learned a lot during her career, but admits that not all of this is profitable.

Every time an athlete enters the cage, a certain level of self-discovery is made. Too much can influence the way a fighter competes, however, and Hill (8-5 MMA, 3-5 UFC) is trying to find a proper balance before Saturday's UFC on ESPN + 6 against Randa Markos (8 -6-1 MMA, 4-5-1 UFC).

Hill has produced mixed results throughout his career, but as he continues to work hard to become his best self, there are lessons he is fighting to apply – and not apply.

"Before losing I was a stupid fighter and I didn't think there was a chance of losing it altogether," said Hill on Wednesday at the MMA Junkie. "If anything, it really took me a long way in my career. Entering with tons of confidence is one of the biggest things you can do and one of the best things you can do mentally for yourself as a fighter. It doesn't mean being arrogant and throwing down hands or other, but be confident in the time you put in, the amount of work and successes in training, and use it in the fight without any doubt in your head of what happens if it doesn't work? if I was hit? & # 39;

"After losing, I became a little more cautious, and I'm trying to get out of that and get back to that stupid fighter of, I'm going to beat everybody, and nobody can beat me, and I "I am the best fighter in the world." I really believe it, but you also have to fight with that practical side of yourself that knows everything can happen in an MMA fight. The best fighter sometimes loses, and these are the realities of the sport. I have to push those intelligent analyzes out of my mind and stick with my stupid fighter side. "

Mackenzie Dern was the opponent of UFC Nashville proposed by Randa Markos before the pregnancy

UFC on ESPN + 6 takes place at the Bridgestone Arena. Hill meets Markos in a light-weight meeting on paper, which runs entirely on ESPN +.

Hill, n. 13 of the latest US TODAY Sports / MMA Junkie MMA rankings, and Markos go back a long way. Both broke into the UFC through Season 20 of the "The Ultimate Fighter" series, and now they will finally have the chance to cross over four years later.

There are many similarities in their careers. Both fought some of the best 115-pound fighters on the roster and came out of these contests with mixed results.

On top of their games, both Hill and Markos look like worlds of the world. However, they also share the common characteristic of ending up habitually in extremely tight fighting. For Hill, UFC on ESPN + 6 is all against the trend.

"I feel like I've definitely grown a lot more than it has," Hill said. "I feel his style has remained rather stagnant. But I feel like I have always shown something different every time I fight. It has to do with not having much experience before being brought to the big stage. Every time I fight I have people that goes, "Oh my God, you've improved so much." It keeps happening and it happens, but I think a parallel is that I'll watch Randa fight and think, "Oh, she won. & # 39; O & # 39; Oh, he lost it, and it would have gone exactly as I thought. You have one of those styles where everyone sees something different.

"I'm trying to get away from these tight decisions, so it would be really nice to make this a dominant fight, a dominant victory, get a final result. If it goes to a decision, I want it to be dominant, and I don't want there to be any doubts in someone who won the fight ".

Although she's not exactly sure where she wants to be in her career, Hill, 34, doesn't believe she's far away. He has already fought the champion Rose Namajunas, as well as the best competitor of the division, Jessica Andrade, who will challenge for the belt at UCFC 237 in May. She hasn't beaten either, but "Overkill" thinks she has a good understanding of what it will take to get where she wants to be.

It all starts with a win at UFC on ESPN + 6.

"I firmly believe in two solid victories, two dominant victories could send me back to the title contests," said Hill. "This is what I'm fighting for."

To learn more from Hill, look at the one-on-one interview in the video above.

For more information on UFC on ESPN + 6, check the UFC Rumors section of the site.


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