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Hartz IV: A new sound is supposed to come from

The SPD top has joined this
rainy Sunday successfully put her trauma and probably the biggest
Questioned government project that she herself created. Hartz IV – the
Social reform of the former SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, depending on the reading of the Federal Republic
made the reform engine of Europe or
Thousands of people have been degraded and incapacitated in record time.

The 17-page paper on "Work – Solidarity – Humanity", which the party leadership in the Berlin Willy-Brandt House decided, does not announce the
Revolution. It does not call
unconditional basic income for all out of a basic benefit of 1,000
Euro a month as demanded by the Left Party. The rulesets of the new
Citizen's money, as party leader Andrea Nahles the state aid for
Long-term unemployed from now on, should remain equally low with 424 euros per month.

And yet this decision is one
A caesura for the party because it is the defection of "the Hartz IV system", the departure
from a negative sound. Gesine Schwan, former candidate for the
President of the Federal Presidency and Chairwoman of the Basic Value Commission
the SPD, has this sound in one
tazInterview summarized as "idea that lazy people
Sacks are the ones you have to put under pressure. "The SPD politicians
Manuela Schwesig and Kevin Kühnert also reminded those days that the word "hartzen" has shaped the German language – as a synonym
for "lazing around".

This should now
Be final. The SPD wants unemployed people in the future with a positive
Meeting people's image: job seekers should
no longer feel like petitioners or supplicants at the job center, says party leader
Nahles. The welfare state should assist in seeking employment as an understanding partner, "to respect the individual and his fate",
it says in the paper. In concrete terms, this means that in the first two years of basic benefits no one should have to move out of his flat just because of the
Jobcenter the rent seems too expensive. The life achievement of each individual should be better appreciated: Who has worked for many decades, should
also get the higher unemployment benefit I longer and not so fast
Basic security level fall. And those who continue their education in unemployment, should also
be particularly financially supported.

One sentence is especially important to the SPD top:
Each and every one of us also has in times of automation and digitization
"Right to work" – and not just to basic financial services, to be damned on the sofa while the machines do the work. For too long, comrades say, the SPD has the few
focused, who were really lazy and did not want to work, and about it
forgetting those who would give anything back a job and also
to have the associated social recognition.

There is no excuse

Go one step further and
for Hartz IV excuse me, but the party leadership does not want that.
Basically, the reform was "right," says the party leader on Sunday afternoon at their press conference. The
The SPD leadership has now subjected them only to a "differentiated evaluation".

Nahles really does not want to break with it
Former Chancellor Schröder, even if he can not take it, is always public
to blab again about their supposedly lacking leadership qualities. Also
others in the party leadership are gracious: every time has their answers, Schröder
2003 certainly "acted from the best of my knowledge", as formulated by the SPD Left Gesine swan,

And indeed it is not so with an absolute judgment
simple: There were five million unemployed in Germany at the time of Schröder's reforms, today there are 2.3 million, the few since reunification. The country is doing well economically, wages are rising, but there are also many low-wage earners who face poverty in old age. The SPD has in
undoubtedly lost in confidence in its neoliberal phase and by Hartz IV,
but as Schröder 2005 – two years after
the Hartz IV disappointment – new elections
exclaimed, he still got 34 percent of the votes. And that, though hundreds of thousands
on Monday demonstrations against his politics were taken to the streets.
It's a good week for the SPD today, when, like a few days ago, it reaches the 16 percent mark.

Therefore, this Sunday is time for good mood: "You see a good here
Moody, positively-voted party chairmen are standing, "says Nahles." Work is the body-and-stomach topic of the former labor minister, she is visibly satisfied with
the concept. Unanimously it has passed the party executive, from the upper realm
Olaf Scholz up to Juso chairman Kevin Kühnert are all in agreement. Even
Ex-party leader Sigmar Gabriel, who recently often likes to report criticism of the course of his party, holds back.


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