Hamburg journalist pushes debate about sexism with tax assessment


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Journalist pushes sexism debate with tax evaluation

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Is the tax return still relevant from a gender perspective? Is the tax return still relevant from a gender perspective?

Is the tax return still relevant from a gender perspective?

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With the blog article & # 39; Sexism and Taxes & # 39; a journalist from Hamburg has started a networking debate. In it he questions the gender image in tax forms on the basis of a personal case and asks for a reconsideration.

MIt was a false entry in a joint tax application form that caused a stir at a couple in Hamburg, giving rise to a small debate about lack of equality in tax software. The woman had registered as the first taxpayer and her husband shortly before as the second. "There was & # 39; man & # 39 ;, but my wife just registered," Hamburg Fabian Scherschel said.

The small deviation at the end meant that the employees of the Hamburg North tax office had to hand over the data manually and so the tax bill for the couple lasted longer than expected.

The freelance journalist Scherschel included the subject in his blog on the subject of sexism and taxes & # 39; and called for more modern software or forms that fit better with the current lifestyle of the citizens. Why would not the woman come first?

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His contribution has been shared several times and commented on Facebook and Twitter. "It was extraordinarily surprising to me which resonance I had activated with it." It speaks to many people, it just seems to bother many people, "continued Scherschel.

However, the responsible for the State Tax Office in Bavaria points out that the national predetermined order in the form is arbitrary and free from a gender classification. Instead, it is a purely organizational security measure to handle the "income tax procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible". That is why clear assignments are important. Even with same-sex spouses, the once-established order must be maintained.