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After the great success of the European elections, Green boss Robert Habeck and top candidate Sven Giegold confidently. Power issues but they dodge.

How should we understand this? Is the great victor humble? Or modest? Shy or a savvy kicker? When Robert Habeck performs in Berlin on Monday morning, something is resonating with everything. But one thing is not clear: the image of the great triumphant – he either does not have it in his repertoire or he literally does everything he can to even hint at it. Since his green party has achieved a sensational success. And Habeck sits there as if the voters had loaded the whole burden of a very difficult world on his shoulders.

Of course that's not the whole story. A good fourteen hours earlier, on the evening of a historic European election, the Green Party leader Habeck had hilariously hilarious and not philosophized; he had raised his arms, braced the Bremen top candidates and was as mischievously happy as a boy whose handball team won the European Cup.

Union and AfD declare Greens "main opponents"

Above all, the AfD attacks the Greens sharply after their strong performance. Greens Green Party candidate Giegold is pleased about the future role as a "fighting rabbit". In the UK meanwhile Nigel Farage wants to speak again. The developments in the live blog.From SZ authors

A long train ride and a short night later, the spontaneous euphoria has gone, the thoughts are already forward again. And Habeck says almost to the welcome, the result makes him "pretty humble". How deep that actually goes, can not be read out from this appearance. Habeck will not deviate from this line. He speaks of an "immense task", the task of "giving orientation" to the country, the people and the society. For now the Greens have arrived "in the center of the political debate". And that at a time when "the party democracy reformats itself again". In any case, he read the election result and the expectations of the people. "Quite a lot of expectation" is that, adds Habeck.

Asked if he feared the size of the responsibility because he was acting so thoughtfully, the Greens leader replied: "We are not afraid of good election results, but of course we know that we have raised expectations that we must meet. " On May 27, 2019, Habeck manages to create two images simultaneously: the image of the new burden and responsibility – and the image of the broad shoulders, who of course want to endure this burden. Habeck Hercules – that's what's secretly resonating there.

"Climate protection has been chosen in Europe"

Somewhat earthier and more concrete is Sven Giegold, next Ska Keller top candidate of the Greens. He should talk less about the new power of the Greens in Germany and much more on the upcoming fight for the posts in Brussels. "Climate protection has been chosen in Europe," says Giegold. "And the blockade power of the grand coalition (from EPP and Socialists) has been broken." The federal government is now required, as France to submit an "ambitious program for Europe". Moreover, the European Parliament has been massively strengthened by the higher turnout. Therefore, it would be "a joke of history", if after this election Sunday, the Council again with the head of state and government would grab everything.

In order to prevent this, Giegold said, the Greens would very closely examine in the coming days in which alliance and with which partners in the newly elected European Parliament climate protection could actually and unequivocally be advanced. "For us, topics are about people," Giegold says again and again. And this view of things had only been reinforced by the electoral success.

Incidentally, for all the questions that will now arise in Brussels, one thing must be realized: "There is no longer a pro-European majority to the left of the center and one to the right of the center." There was only one "pro-European majority" against the right-wing populist forces, all of whom wanted to weaken Europe. This forces all sensible people together to look for projects for a pro-European policy, be it climate protection, social policy or security.

The longer Giegold and Habeck talk and explain themselves, the better they seem to fit together. One person philosophizes about the great situation in Germany, the other demonstrates factual hardship in Europe. The supposedly gentler Habeck takes the hardness of the sharp-tongued Giegold; the precise Giegold provides the thinker Habeck a certain clarity in the consequences.

So Giegold explained to the question of the fundamental strategy in the fight against the right in Europe, it was fundamentally wrong, as "a rabbit to sit in front of the queue", because that only strengthens the snake. And Habeck adds that in the end one must "above all trust oneself". Then Habeck answers the question of a Swiss journalist, whether they lack the "unconditional will to power", they are just something like "fighting rabbit". And Giegold immediately adds that one should not underestimate how hard rabbits could bite.

Battle rabbits. That should stay in the memory longer.

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