Home news Great debate. Edouard Philippe arrives at empty pockets at the Assembly

Great debate. Edouard Philippe arrives at empty pockets at the Assembly

The bigger the debate, the less Edward Philippe has to say. This Tuesday, in front of the National Assembly, the prime minister announced nothing. In particular he welcomed the exercise orchestrated by Eliseo for months to quell the strong statements expressed in the country. The decline in purchasing power and the difficulty in living with dignity? All this stems from the 2008 crisis, "we have not finished suffering the shock", eludes the head of government. The anger expressed on the roundabouts? "It has ancient roots", it relativizes. Nothing is the fault of the government, which has, however, multiplied the fiscal gifts in favor of the richest, to the detriment of the general interest.

Only a "method error" on the fuel tax

Édouard Philippe recognizes only a "method" error on the fuel tax, which ignited the dust in November. But no "ambition" error. Worse still, Matignon's guest assured without laughing that the results of the great debate confirm the policy guided by the executive. "All this meets the commitments of the Presidential Republic's election campaign" and the problems identified and dealt with by the majority, dare. "What the French tell us is that they don't see the results, that things don't go fast enough," he says. The great debate, whose questions were closed and chosen by Eliseo, whose results were dissolved in a great confusion of figures and whose participants are not representative of French society, is in Macronie's eyes an invitation to continue on the same path . Édouard Philippe thus came out with his clichés about the "low tax" he feels in the country, even if it is impossible for him to hear the words "tax justice". "We want it to be more and more interesting to work than to be inactive", he too launches, as if it were not so, and without saying anything about everyone who works and cannot make ends meet.

"Hyerpresidentialism makes power blind"

"It will be understood, the end of the great debate does not pave the way for a new chapter of government action", but to "an acceleration of the repressive policy on fiscal, social, ecological and democratic aspects", replied André Chassaigne. The leader of the PCF MP shows that "the hyper-presidentialism renders power blind to the consequences of its action" and "deaf to the demands of our fellow citizens". The communist deputy recalled that the French are expecting three things: "more buying power, more public services and more democracy" or "three advances that correspond to three blackheads in government action".


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