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"Gottschalk reads?": Sovereign chitchat. | TIME ONLINE

When Germany's highest-ranking television entertainer returned from his retirement on Tuesday evening, he could be sure of the full attention of the Federal Republic, who had just learned that Thomas Gottschalk and his wife Thea had split up after 42 years. But not a word about that
Gottschalk reads?
This is the name of the new format that the showmaster will be presenting four times a year on Bayerischer Rundfunk, where he will bring the literature to the people out there, and the Mindstate Malibu in the Parktheater of the Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg.

"Did I understand it the way you meant it, or what's in the book that I may not have discovered? I think anyone who reads and likes to read a book would like to meet with the author afterwards," Gottschalk explains his talk poetics, and before you can argue with that, he has already talked us into the literature talk so casually, as if it were Saturday night again. Gottschalk has invited former TV presenter Sarah Kuttner, former lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach and former classical philology student Vea Kaiser, all of them to tell something about their new novels in the boom microphones. He is also a photographer, because he likes to read books, according to Gottschalk, especially those of the guests, but he did not manage to do more than three, "that's why one now comes with a picture book".

Gottschalk reads? So it's like Lanz, only without Weltreisende and Robin Alexander. Can this work? Quite unironically: Yes, of course. Gottschalk to Kuttner, "You have quite rightly recognized that diet milk makes coffee gray, and when I read that, I thought: Then she will know the rest of the world." That's the way literature talk. The only weak guest this evening is unfortunately Ferdinand von Schirach, whom we now all know that he likes coffee and cigarettes and also very intellectual; please no more.

In the course of about 40 minutes it also comes to criticism, as the moderator ponders over a decisive point in Vea Kaiser's novel: "From then on, the story really fascinated me, I wish that Uncle Willi would rather have died." And as if that were still not enough, we finally hear a real man of letters in this literary program. Kaiser and Gottschalk quote together from Ovids
Book 1, lines 89 to 93, by heart.

Even better would have fit there only the very last lines of the
in which
      Ovid shows himself so confident: In every corner of the earth, he will read "the people, and
      unless the poet / intuition contributed, I will always live on in the farthest future ".
      The foreshadows are not troubling him, he lives on in 2019, even on television next to Thommy: Two
      Noses fill up super! How could the "reconciliation of literature and entertainment" be nicer?
      Summon (Gottschalk) we all hope for?


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