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Gottschalk and "Wetten, dass …": He does it again – media

  • Thomas Gottschalk moderated once more on his 70th birthday Bet that..?
  • Although his comeback is a one-time event, if the show were to succeed, it would soon be obsolete.
  • And everyone could benefit: ZDF, Germany's excavator driver and above all Gottschalk himself.

It grows together again, what belongs together. A phase is coming to an end that could easily be described as tragic, because for years there were two separate who simply did not work completely without each other. If Thomas Gottschalk again Bet that..? not only does it give back a landmark to the German entertainment scene, which still outshines everything that has happened since then five years after the most recent broadcast. He also brings a lot of joy to ZDF, himself and also those viewers who have missed Europe's biggest TV show like nothing else.

Although the resurrection of the show-dinosaur is only a one-time event on the occasion of Gottschalk's 70th birthday, which he celebrates 2020, his. But such a restriction would soon be obsolete, the show turned out to be a great success.

That Bet that..? even 38 years after the invention by Frank Elstner partout does not want to escape from the memory of the people, was revealed only last weekend, when Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz in their podcast "Feast and fluffy" eagerly discussed how it was back then when Gottschalk had thrown in the early 90s and suddenly his successor Wolfgang Lippert jumped off the show staircase and later fumbled awkwardly at Paul McCartney. According to legend, Lippert's insubordinate approach to the eternal Beatle was the point at which Gottschalk could not stand it anymore and called the ZDF with the message "I'll do it myself again." This has never been confirmed, but it just sounds too good and pretty well captures the overbearing spirit of the brand into a beautiful story.

ZDF: "Wetten, dass ..?"

Gottschalk says hello

Hardly anyone knows how it went this time, but you only have to look at who benefits from the fact of reuniting men and shows. On the one hand there is the ZDF, which has been Bet that..? after the recent departure of Gottschalk in 2011 with Markus Lanz continue without any great glamor.

But above all, Thomas Gottschalk himself benefits from the current news, because she could not come to him more conveniently. For months he was almost only in the headlines with rather inglorious news. First his villa burned down in Malibu, then a few days ago the news came in that he had separated from his wife Thea after eternal years of marriage, and finally the beginning of his book show at the BR was at most half-baked. In addition, on the boulevard were pictures that showed the big blonde with the charming Schmu accompanied by a supposedly new woman.

There comes the message, dass bets that ..?on which the ZDF continues to hold the important rights out of the moth-crate, equal to a liberation, because in the collective television memory of the nation Gottschalk and this show are still welded like Cologne and the cathedral, Heino and Hannelore or Dick and Doof.

In addition, excavator drivers across the Republic now have a deeper meaning to life. You can now think about which bet you would like to use in Gottschalk's jubilee edition. When ZDF is looking forward to applications, it says from the entertainment department in Mainz, where you know very well that one Bet that..?-Edition without bagger bet would be absurd like an Oktoberfest with exclusively non-alcoholic beer.

Whether the show landscape after a reunification is a flourishing again, has yet to prove, but the mere hope that it could be like that, has the makings of pacifying a TV station over-tired of Crime Weakness and Quiz Inflation for quite a while. Bet that…?

Thomas Gottschalk Why now?

Why now?

More than 40 years of marriage, and now that: separation instead of golden wedding. Would not Thomas and Thea Gottschalk have been able to hold on to the last few meters?By Violetta Simon


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