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by Andreas Schmidt

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View of the old house of cards of the sailing training ship "Gorch Fock".

At the very back of the shipyard, just in front of a slippery slope that goes down to the Hunte River, it says: the old house of cards of the "Gorch Fock" from 1958. The radio cabin was housed here. The meteorologist had his place here. Here were the nautical charts, analogue and digital. The house of cards was the nerve center of the sailing training ship. Now it is a piece of steel with loose wires attached to it. It stands on the site of the Elsflether shipyard, which is on the verge of allegations of corruption and infidelity, just like the ailing & # 39; Gorch Fock & # 39 ;. The sailing training ship of the navy is located a few kilometers further down the Weser downstream in Bremerhaven in the dock of the Bredo shipyard.

What does the future offer with the Elsflether shipyard?

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The Elsflether shipyard is fighting for survival. By the end of June she has time to revive the "Gorch Fock". Pieter Wasmuth and Axel Birk want to save the shipyard.

Birk and Wasmuth want to get shipyard and ship on course

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Axel Birk (l.) And Pieter Wasmuth has encountered mismanagement and alleged corruption at the Elsflether shipyard.

In the shop of the locksmith of the Elsflether Werft are two men who want to save the shipyard and the bark: Axel Birk, the new general manager, and Pieter Wasmuth, the new chairman of the shipyard. Both come from the wind industry. Wasmuth is actually manager at Vattenfall, Birk happened to have time left. Both are passionate sailors. They have begun a difficult legacy. Birk speaks of a swamp of corruption and mismanagement of the old board. "The suppliers were asked to submit high tenders, about 15 percent, which they then paid back to the shipyard as a shipyard, so the money remained at the shipyard," says Birk. Since the end of January, he and Wasmuth have been trying to get the Elsflether shipyard and the "Gorch Fock" scandal project back on track.

26 million supplier debts

But first they had to reason. "I thought the water might be on my knees, but then I realized we had to swim," says Wasmuth. CEO Birk is shocked by accounting: "I have never seen anything like this." Since the beginning of 2018, the site had gone steeply downhill, invoices to suppliers were simply no longer paid. "We were first with 15 million, then with 17, then with 22, and finally, after looking at all the bills, we have 26 million debts with suppliers," says Birk. Bankruptcy was inevitable.



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The Elsflether shipyard has resumed work on the sailing training ship "Gorch Fock" after the remediation had been stopped earlier due to the cost of corruption.
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Corporate network from Cyprus to Mongolia

Wasmuth and Birk are now looking for the lost millions. Everything has probably disappeared in the dubious corporate fabric that the old management has built around the shipyard. The corporate network varies from a film production company to a travel agency to the gold mine in Mongolia. "We have already identified 16 million euros," says Axel Birk. "We will work to get the money back for the shipyard, but it will be difficult because the network goes from Cyprus to Mongolia and Honkong to China."

Intensive education required

Birk and Wasmuth were finally able to convince the federal government to lift the payment stop. since The "Gorch Fock" will be worked on again on Monday. A new house of cards has already been built in one of the halls. The old one probably stops on the muddy coast of Hunte.

"Gorch Fock": traditional ship at the shipyard

Editor's note: In an earlier version, we accidentally had & # 39; debts & # 39; written instead of & # 39; debts & # 39 ;. The error has since been corrected.

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The payment stop has been lifted, the repair continues: the sailing training ship "Gorch Fock" is working again. Infidelity allegations had stopped working earlier.

The "Gorch Fock" actually needs to be repaired within about six months. Now she has been in the garden for three years, the costs have exploded and there is a suspicion of corruption.

21.02.2019 5:00 PM

The Federal Ministry of Defense apparently wants to cancel the stop at the Elsflether yard. The "Gorch Fock" must be made right – for 10 to 20 million euros.

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The Flensburg shipbuilding company and the Elsflether shipyard: both shipyards are fighting to survive, but there is plenty to do. Why is that? Answers to five frequently asked questions.

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