The search engine operator Google wants to enter the gaming business with a streaming service called Stadia. The platform is to go in the current year at the start, said the Internet company. The innovation over other game providers is that the games are actually running on Google's servers on the net – and are transferred to the devices of the users only. An installation of games is then no longer necessary, so Google.

To control Google has introduced its own controller. In addition to computers but also games with smartphones and tablets possible. In addition, some games will be available in 4K resolution. Google boss Sundar Pichai said goal was a "gaming platform for everyone".

In addition, there should be the opportunity to record the gameplay and in real time Google's Video platform YouTube to transfer. With the offer, the company not only competes with providers of gaming consoles and gaming PCs, but also with specialized video services such as Twitch, which belongs to Amazon.