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Germany: Dog breeds

        Source: Verband für die Deutsche Hundewesen © Laura Edelbacher

This article is from TIME no. 37/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Map: When and where the German dog breeds were officially bred for the first time
When breeders created breeds, they rarely had sight of city marketing. Few were as clever as the fathers of the Weimaraner or the Leonberger who simply made the name of the breeding place a racial name. The result: today hardly anyone thinks of Munich, if he thinks of a boxer, or of Karlsruhe, if he thinks of a German shepherd. Many breeds were created between 1880 and 1910. At that time, dogs were not used as often as hunting or watchdogs, the need for pets increased. On dog shows, new breeds were presented as today cars at auto shows. New to the market, for example, came in 1846 the Leonberger, a cross between Newfoundland and St. Bernard, which had been bred by a certain Heinrich vinegar. In contrast, the Rottweiler was already in the Middle Ages in the Württemberg city of Rottweil at home, especially the butchers liked him. Only in 1907 he was then systematically bred for the first time. Do some dogs still look at their ancestry? At least the Bavarian Schnauzer seems to be written in the face of the Bavarian.

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