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Gaming Streaming: War of Portals – Digital

  • Google has announced the video game platform Stadia, which will launch in North America and Europe by the end of the year.
  • Gamer should be able to play without a console over a streaming service. Other providers such as Microsoft and Sony are also working on the streaming future.
  • This initiates the beginning of the end of the game consoles.

By Jürgen Schmieder, Los Angeles

The young man holds in his hands a controller of the game console Xbox on which he has mounted his smartphone, he begins to gamble: no puzzle that is installed on any mobile phone today, but a version of the blockbuster franchise Halo in fantastic resolution – together with other players anywhere in the world. He does it without a console that handles graphics and gameplay, and without a wifi connection for fast sending and receiving data. He plays, just like that, over a streaming service.

What you have recently demonstrated on the campus of Microsoft is nothing short of the end of the video game world as we know it, and another engineering firm confirmed the arrival of the Apocalypse on Tuesday: Google announced at the Game Developers Conference ( GDC) in San Francisco, the video game platform Stadia, which should start in late 2019 in North America and Europe. The company did not present a console, just a controller, and the big promise is that people should be able to play all sorts of games on all sorts of platforms, like Devil May Cry 5 on the phone, Apex Legends on a smart TV or Assassin's Creed: Odyssey on the Chrome Internet browser on a laptop. And they should be able to do that wherever possible.

Games Google announces streaming service for games

Google announces streaming service for games

The platform called Stadia should make it possible to play elaborate video games by stream. Provided the internet connection is fast enough.

"We're going to rethink everything and go new ways for the next generation of games," said Jade Raymond at the presentation. She was responsible for the legendary video game franchise Assassin's Creed and is now head of the game department at Google, The 43-year-old Canadian is to develop games for the new streaming service, but she also says, "We will work with external manufacturers to get the most out of this cutting-edge technology." The brand new technology, however, marks the beginning of the end for game consoles.

From the war of the consoles to the war of the portals

This era began in 1968 with the Brown Box of German-American developer Ralph Baer. It has spawned such legendary devices as Playstation 2 (Sony), 2600 (Atari) or Dreamcast (Sega), fueling this often-fierce competition between vendors like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, who repeatedly call it the "war of consoles". referred to as. The industry's success, which now has two billion players worldwide and generates $ 140 billion in revenue per year, has changed people's gambling and communications forever.

Four billion people worldwide are now connected to the Internet in some way, and they want to reach the videogame manufacturers as efficiently as possible. Google wants to use the infrastructure of its data cloud with more than 7500 nodes worldwide and the video platform Youtube to deliver games as smoothly as possible to customers, and if you look at how exactly that should work, then you notice the huge impact that on the entire industry should have. In the future, manufacturers should no longer sell their products on data carriers or for download, but for example, advertise via an advertising film on Youtube, at the end of which users can press a button and start playing immediately. That alone is likely to change the distribution of computer games and the resulting business models lasting.

It goes further: The variant "Crowd Play" should ensure that people who watch, for example, the livestream of a famous video player, can participate in an invitation to the game round; or they can resume the game of a friend if they send them the link to the score. The company has been working on this service for years and has fueled the rumors with recruiting well-known video game managers like Jade Raymond or Phil Harrison (Microsoft). It is amazing how fast the service should be available – and how smoothly it works in the presentation.

The approach of Microsoft is similar. At the computer game fair E3 in June in Los Angeles, the streaming service will be officially launched as an extension of the game subscription "Game Pass" and will be available in a trial version later this year. "We're not going to sell two billion consoles, and there are a lot of markets around the world where a console is not a lifestyle," Microsoft chief executive Phil Spencer recently told SZ, "We want to get our subscription service on every device, if possible in the world should play as he would like. "

Microsoft and Google have put their cards on the table

This leads to the question of which business models should make the streaming services possible. Subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon, but also games that are offered free of charge and can be refinanced via offers in the game cosmos such as special clothing, dances or help with individual levels are conceivable. And it raises the question of whether this will really work as smoothly as it did at the Microsoft presentations in Seattle and Google in San Francisco with data hubs just around the corner. Presentations are designed to make everything work. Off the beaten track, even after the arrival of the 5G mobile phone technology, it does not look everywhere smoothly – especially Germany is currently considered a radio-hole republic.

It may take a while for the streaming platforms to actually operate in high quality and without disruption. However, the giants Microsoft and Google have now laid their cards quite open on the table, others are likely with their own platforms such as Geforce Now (Nvidia) and Playstation Now (Sony, possibly through a cloud cooperation with Amazon) follow. The war of the consoles will soon be over, the battle of the streaming platforms has just begun, and for the people who will soon hold their own controller with a mounted smartphone in their hands, that is good news: If the manufacturers of Games will fight for four billion potential customers in the future, then, as most recently in the disruption of the TV industry through streaming portals, leading to an increase in quantity and quality.

Technology pocket money for pixel waste

Lootboxing in video games

Pocket money for garbage

More and more video games are seducing children to spend money on virtual items. What counts as illegal gambling elsewhere is not regulated in Germany – that could change.By Jan Willeken


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