Friends remember that a 17-year-old boy died in the West Vancouver accident

Kerri Houston and three friends brought bouquets of flowers on Sunday to the growing monument at the intersection where Elijah Drasyl’s BMW hit a telephone pole.

“I was surprised,” Houston told CTV News Vancouver. “I didn’t believe it. It was really hard to believe.”

Drasyl’s car crashed just before 4 a.m. on Saturday in the 6300 block of Marine Drive in West Vancouver. His 19-year-old passenger was sent to the hospital, and West Vancouver police have not yet provided an update on his status. Drasyl died in the accident and police believe speed was a factor.

“I just woke up and received a lot of text messages from my friends,” said Houston, who manages the Argyle High School soccer team. Although Drasyl attended Mountainside Secondary, he used to go to Argyle and continued to play on his football team.

“He was injured in one of the games at the beginning of the season, and still attended all practices,” he said. “We sat on the sidelines, he extended his positivity and I just enjoyed spending time with him.”

The team posted a video of him playing on Instagram with a subtitle that says, in part, “Eli will always be loved and will remember[ed] for us for their willingness and impulse to improve their teammates and get the best of them. Eli was a born leader and it is a great loss for the world to lose someone who has much left to give. ”

Houston told CTV News that he “loved his sports” and that athletic awards are coming to school.

“I will definitely include it there,” he said. “He really deserves it.”

Describing the teenager as one of the happiest people she knows and a little silly, Houston went on to say: “It made everyone laugh. She is one of my favorite people. “

But she said Drasyl wouldn’t want her friends to be sad.

“He said: ‘Come on, cheer up,’ you know?” Houston said. “‘Don’t be sad. Just keep smiling and remember the good times.'”


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