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Free Europe from the dictatorship of money

Yesterday evening, during the presentation of the wishes for this year 2019, the national secretary of the PCF Fabien Roussel declared to want to mobilize the communists and the progressives of this country "for the people, not for the money". Since yesterday and still today, the press reminds us, following the publication of the new Oxfam report, that the richest 26 billionaires on the planet alone have as much wealth as 3.8 billion people half of the world's population.

Yesterday always, the day one the echoes told us that Emmanuel Macron was receiving at Versailles the same day "120 world bosses to reassure them on the continuation of the reforms. According to a survey, the perception of Hexagon by foreign investors remains good, "added the newspaper business. It is true that three days before 600 mayors, the head of state had refused to return to the abolition of the Solidarity Tax on wealth (ISF). The explanation he gave was summarized as follows: the real injustice is not that "successful" people receive a pay of hundreds or even thousands of times the level of the smic every month, but that everyone does not initially have the same chances of achieving it.

But why have the ECB's billions been used?

It remains to be seen how much more time the 3.8 billion humans who have no more to share than the 26 richest people in the world will accept this situation. Meanwhile, We are told this morning on the wire of Agence France Presse (AFP) that the European Central Bank (ECB) "tiptoe on a year at risk." AFP reminds us that Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, "had acknowledged on January 15 before the European Parliament that the economy was progressing worse than expected in the euro zone. He should reiterate it Thursday, emphasizing the risks of deterioration of the economy.

One wonders then what served the very low policy rates and the 2.600 billion euros released since 2015 by the ECB under the name of "quantitative easing", if not especially speculersans invest in a useful way in the economies of the member countries of the European Union.

It is in this context that Chancellor Angela Merkel today receives Emmanuel Macron in Aix-La-Chapelle to sign a text which, AFP tells us, "provides for a convergence of economic, foreign and defense policies of both countries. , a cooperation on cross-border regions, as well as a joint parliamentary assembly ", which would be composed of 100 French and German deputies.

We know that Germany is presented to us as the model to follow for many years in France. With two common sense arguments, at least in appearance: a very high trade surplus for years, an unemployment rate twice as low as ours because it would have made, from the beginning of the 21st century, the reforms that France did not know or did not want to put in place.

The degraded social reality in today's Germany

Released from the presses for a few days under the title "Let's liberate Europe" (1) the last book of our colleague Bruno Odent, from the section Monde de Humanity, sheds light on what to think of all this. The book provides a critical analysis of European construction for decades with the most visible recent consequence, a rise of populism and xenophobia in a growing number of European countries. But it also shows that the German supremacy over the economy of the other member states was first built on the backs of the German people and more particularly on that of the inhabitants of the former GDR after reunification. The book is full of examples and demonstrations explaining the evolution of the precariousness of a growing part of the employees of the Rhine and more pensioners as evidenced by these extracts:

"A worker who has received a rather good net salary of 2,500 euros in the last years of his life in the company, will only receive a pension of 1,150 euros, once retired. The "poverty of the elderly" has become one of the recurring themes of the public debate in Germany. Both the low level of retirement pushes millions of citizens to the precariousness obliging them to exercise a "job supplement" until a very old age to keep his head out of the water, "page 62.

The situation of the unemployed penalized by the fourth Hartz law in 2005 is even worse as this excerpt shows on page 65:

"It is she (the Hartz law) who will dismantle the old Rhenish system the most violently, starting by decreeing a spoliation of the unemployed (…) after one year of unemployment, the unemployed people systematically change their status and pass under social assistance, at that time 345 euros in the West and 331 euros in the East of the country ".

This book also shows how, relocating part of the manufacturing of parts of its industry in the Central European countries returned to the European Union in 2004 and 2007 and having skilled workers with wages much lower than in Germany has strengthened the competitiveness of large German firms. The latter kept the industrial fixtures at home after lowering production costs by outsourcing only part of the final production.

This is also why Bruno Odent's book will be very useful in countering the lies and false economic arguments that will be legion in this campaign for the election of deputies to Parliament on May 26.

(1) Let's liberate Europe, by Bruno Odent, Editions du Croquant, 226 pages, 15 €

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