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Fraud with the journalist badge | TIME ONLINE

press freedom
is a great asset in democracy. To protect her, put
Journalists and publishers associations certified certified press passes.
With them journalists can come through police bars
Inserts accompany and are under special protection. Anyone who has the journalist pass can easily attend trade fairs and congresses
to report. The IDs should be free reporting
enable. The Chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers vouches for
his signature that only reputable journalists use the
Received document.

and right-wing extremists are trying to gain from these special rights
benefit. With false claims and big promises
Wheeler sell homemade badges. On the
Documents are in big letters "press card" and the
Design is similar to the original. Many websites offer such
wrong documents. Research by ZEIT ONLINE has shown that
behind all these offers a built by three people
Network is in business for more than 15 years
Fantasy badges organized.

"Pick up
Now you have the coveted VIP status of the press industry
it on one of the sides. The standard pass costs 127 once
Euro, plus an annual fee of 36 Euro. Other websites
offer an "Ambassador" class for 197 euros, three years
the document should be valid internationally. For 48 euros a year
and an exhibition fee of 117 euros will be given to you by another
Company made a journalist. For identification there is one
Press photographers card, numerous accessories and a certificate with
blue ornamental folder.

These plastic cards are worthless. As proof journalistic
Work in this country is only that of Presserat and
Interior Minister Conference certified ID accepted.

Wrong press passes from the internet

Business model gives the impression that there are many ways
a press card and as would different providers with each other
compete for the best. But the investigation showed
that all providers ultimately become three corporations
include: General News Service (GNS), Reichstein Research Group and German Association of Press Journalists (DVPJ). In front
Sixteen years ago, three Germans founded the companies GNS and Reichstein Research in Florida. The DVPJ emerged later from a larger stock corporation. one
The three responsible persons died already in 2017, the second one says that he got out of the shops. The third man is still in business today.

Main responsible for DVPJ, GNS and Reichstein Research today is Rudolf Walter. He seems to be trying to change his identity
disguise. Dorothee Riedel, who does not want to be named under her real name, has known Walter personally for years. She says that Walter uses different first names for his business. On the websites of the network there are Walter as Rudolf, Lorenz and Helmut. Under the different names, he is responsible for websites,
Corporations and clubs that are dodgy deals around
Sell ​​journalism. Correctly he is called according to a register information Rudolf Walter, he should be resident in a family house in Ingolstadt
to have. To the property on the outskirts of Ingolstadt lead all connections of the network. All websites, companies and associations are
registered there. And Riedel also assumes that Walter lives there.

Walter was an investment adviser to the network in Ingolstadt
involved. Dieter S. is easy to find, unlike Walter
gives pictures of him and information about his job. over
For decades he worked for Allfinanz, a branch of the
German investment advice. Until March 2018, his work for the regional directorate in Ingolstadt is documented. When asked about his role in the network, S. replies that he is in "no business relationship with Rudolf Walter". He worked as a director for GNS and Reichstein Research until 2006, with annual reports from the USA proving that. After leaving the company as director, contact with the network continued. For his work Dieter S. was awarded in 2008, he got a financial advisor award.
He was awarded the
from the DVPJ.

alleged journalists association DVPJ
is an important part of the trading network. At the DVPJ shows
how the operators work. you
is an advocacy for journalists, it said on the
Website where anyone interested can become a member. Both
Statements are not correct. The DVPJ is not an advocacy for
Press people, but a profit-oriented corporation (AG). Also
nobody can become a member there. Who the so-called
Membership application, concludes a user agreement with the
Society off. That is also in the general
Terms and conditions, but does not even read polls
every tenth.

The joint stock company DVPJ was originally founded under the name Diligentia Hundertsechsundszigzig Vermögensverwaltungs-AG. According to the information portal North Data, the name of the company was changed in 2008 – when Rudolf Walter was appointed to the board. Under the name Diligentia there are other joint stock companies, numbered to two hundred and twenty.


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