Home news Fracking started again in Great Britain after the judge refused the offer...

Fracking started again in Great Britain after the judge refused the offer of the environmental promoter to block it

FRACKING will start again in Great Britain today after the bid from an environmental activist to block the move has failed.
The Supreme Court of London ruled yesterday that energy company Cuadrilla can drill for shale gas at a location near Blackpool.
The Supreme Court of London ruled yesterday that power company Cuadrilla can drill for shale gas at a location near BlackpoolGreen protagonist Bob Dennett argued that Lancashire County Council officials could not properly assess the safety risks for the first horizontal slate gas well in the UK .
Mr. Justice Supperstone said there was "no evidence" to support this.
When he disregarded Dennett's request for a temporary injunction, Mr Justice Supperstone said the following: "I believe that none of the grounds is a serious problem to be tried." The judge said the safety of the site had been reviewed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and there was "no evidence" to support Mr Dennett's argument that it should have been categorized as more than a "medium risk" .
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He added: "The claimant must first determine that a serious problem must be solved." I am satisfied that the plaintiff is taking the first hurdle. "
The work at a nearby location was stopped in 2011 after two small earthquakes.
Cuadrilla chef Francis Egan said: "We are happy." Lawyers for the company said it cost £ 94,000 for each day that it was stopped with fracking.
Mr. Dennett, of Lytham, swore: "We will fight."
The Sun Says: Step on gas At last, fracking can finally start. Nobody knows whether shale gas will be as transformative here as in the US. But it is terrible that we have not been able to explore it for seven years.
This potential gold mine, lowering bills for millions and ending our dependence on imports, has been scandalized by the enemies of progress.
The noisy protests of the ecolobby, absurd propaganda and outdated fears have cost politicians and half of the population. The only thing many Brits know about fracking is that they have to be against it.
That will change if the enormous reservoirs of gas under our feet can be extracted to power the country for decades.
Thanks to the defeat of the last unfounded lawsuit, we can at least start to figure it out.

Geophysicist Heather Savage on geological connections between fracking and earthquakes

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