Home news Five arrests and 21 suspected athletes in doping scandal | TIME ONLINE

Five arrests and 21 suspected athletes in doping scandal | TIME ONLINE

In the "Operation Aderlass" mentioned Doping scandal A fifth person has been arrested in Erfurt. This was confirmed by the prosecutor at a press conference in Munich. As the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk MDR reports, it is "not a medically trained specialist", but still "with
the principle of learning by doing "blood doping measures

According to the investigation, 21 athletes from eight countries and five sports have operated prohibited blood self-doping. Whether German athletes are among them, is not clear. So far, the countries of origin are known Austria, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

The case could expand: "The Operation Aderlass is from the beginning a very interesting and exciting face, in which not all chapters are written," said Attorney Kai Graeber. Almost daily there are new twists. The investigations were triggered by the doping confession of the Austrian cross-country skier Johannes Dürr.

A few weeks ago, it had been at the Nordic Ski World Cup in Austria and in the premises of the main suspect Mark S. in Erfurt to raids given. Mark S. has since been questioned, Graves reported. Details of the interrogations he did not reveal for tactical reasons. Between the year 2011 and the doping raid in February there were, according to graves, a three-digit number of blood transfusions to athletes, including women. However, these accounted for only a small percentage. He was confident that the at Mark S.
coded labeled blood bags could also be assigned without DNA alignment.

Haiwaii and South Korea

The case involves three winter sports and two summer sports. That cross-country skiing is among them is certain. In addition, there is speculation about biathlon, cycling and triathlon. Also on Hawaii blood transfusions should have been made. Graves called as a place of transgression outside Europe South Koreawhere 2018 the Winter Olympics took place. Two people from the network of Mark S. were there.

At the press conference, Graves showed pictures of a doctor's garage or freezers. Mark S. has purchased equipment from Stefan Matschiner, who was sentenced a few years ago for attempted blood doping and the transfer of illegal substances. Accordingly, Matschiner did not donate his equipment as announced for charitable purposes, but sold it to Mark S. for 50,000 euros.

Graves reported that athletes who were stunned by treatments that had not precisely identified remedies tested or had one liter of autologous blood to inject for long-distance flights. The thrombosis prophylaxis was there. According to the investigation, Mark S. has paid his services at around 4,000 to 12,000 euros per athlete per season. "He has already made his cut," said Graves.

One to ten years imprisonment

Apart from Mark S., three others were arrested after the raid. A 48-year-old German has not yet been delivered from Austria. A 66-year-old was brought from there to Germany last Friday. The accused face imprisonment of one to ten years.

The Bavarian Minister of State Georg Eisenreich stated that leniency is very important in doping investigations. Compassionate athletes should be able to be largely exempted from prosecution. The trial criminality must also be included in the anti-doping law. Currently the trial is not punishable in most cases.

The Munich Attorney General
Doping has been around for ten years. During that time, she conducted around 7,100 investigations,
more than 1,200 doping offenders were convicted.


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