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The US Special Investigator has apparently found nothing that would justify impeachment proceedings against the President. For Trump, this message is a triumph.

Comment by Stefan Kornelius

Donald Trump will probably be celebrating one of the best weekends of his presidency: new sanctions by his finance minister against North Korea? Wiped out with a stroke of the pen. Sandbox strategy in the Middle East? Quick times the Golan Heights slammed the state territory of Israel. The whole domestic Schmoder, the lawsuits, investigations, legal errors? Wiped away with a single sentence: There will be no further charges.

No further charges. This is the core message of special investigator Robert Mueller, who has now handed over his investigation report to the Minister of Justice. Whatever will be read in the small print of the Mueller people – it is insignificant in terms of the core message that was blown in the news channels minutes after the submission of the investigation report. There are no legally enforceable offenses that would justify impeachment. The president did not need to know more. What a triumph.

Politics USA Russia investigation: Mueller hands over report to Minister of Justice

Russia investigation: Mueller hands over report to Minister of Justice

This completes the work of the Special Investigator, who investigated possible interference by Russia in the past US presidential election campaign. Particularly explosive: Mueller does not recommend further charges.By Alan Cassidy

Anyone who had followed the Mueller investigation in recent months could honestly expect no other result. All the hopes for incriminating material for trial against Trump were overdrawn. Evidence had never surfaced in the investigation that directly linked the president to the Russian election campaign manipulation. Never could the shrewd FBI boss James Comey clearly prove that Trump had hindered his work.

But Mueller did not exhaust all options. He will still have to explain why he did not insist on submitting Trump himself to testify under oath. The president would most likely have made a false statement under oath. Bill Clinton's impeachment trial was based on a perjury statement. For Trump, the notorious liar and frequent speaker, she would have been child's play to construct.

But that was not what Mueller was talking about. He wanted convincing evidence of Trump's involvement in the criminal circumstances of his election. And they are not – yet – not. Many other investigations are still ongoing. The Congress has made its own investigations, and courts across the country are reviewing procedures. Of particular importance are the documents of the Deutsche Bank, which could establish a clear connection between the borrower Trump and Russia.

Could, should, should – for nuances there is no place in the Trump world. On Twitter length, the message is witch hunt – Mueller wasted taxpayers' money to sack the biggest presidency ever. Trump will campaign with this message and mobilize his supporters. His opponents will race with anger, and now all the more angry attack the president in the congressional committees. So Trump reaches his goal, polarization helps him.

So the president can only benefit at the moment. As contradictory as it sounds, the self-controlled and incorruptible enlightener Mueller has done a service with his Trump report. This Presidency, which rests on lies, constructed with dubious money and carried by morally reprehensible types, this presidency now adorns itself with the incorruptibility of a Robert Mueller.

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