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Fight for a second referendum – politics

  • At least one million people are expected in London on Saturday to demonstrate for a second Brexit referendum.
  • But the enthusiasm for a second referendum has decreased.
  • Even Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to support such attacks in Parliament.

From Cathrin Kahlweit, London

Hilary Benn, one of the most prominent Labor MPs and longtime minister under Tony Blair, asked a smart question in the House of Commons on Wednesday, to which he has not yet received a satisfactory answer from Theresa May: "If it is democratic, as the government claims, Not just once, not twice, but probably three times to present the same question to Parliament so that we change our mind, why is it undemocratic to ask the British people if it has changed their minds? "

Benn is a vehement supporter of a second referendum, the first was in 2016 with 52 percent yes against 46 percent votes against the EU exit. Three years later, many new insights and a negotiated, but twofold agreement, the left-wing politician finds it is time to give the people the last word.

Politics European Union How to proceed after the Brexit decision

How to proceed after the Brexit decision

The Brexit will be postponed at least to the 12th of April. Prime Minister May now has new arguments to bring the treaty through the lower house. And Brussels secures twice.By Matthias Kolb

"People's Vote" is the name of the campaign that Benn campaigns for and declared war on the Prime Minister. A second referendum, she believes, will only deepen the split in the people and strengthen the populists. Nevertheless, at least one million people are expected this Saturday in London. They want to take to the streets for a second referendum and, if Remains are doing very well, for remaining in the European Union.

About 200 buses from all over the country are rolling in, special trains will be on the way. The eloquent MP Anna Soubry, who has withdrawn from the Conservative Party and has joined the new, intra-parliamentary "Independent Group", suggested the same time, the lower house should work on Saturday. There are enough current problems with Mays Brexit, and in between you could "collectively take to the streets and greet the demonstrators".

It will probably not come to that. In general, the enthusiasm for a second referendum has diminished – perhaps the exhaustion is too great, or the overarching theme, May's fight for their deal, stifles optimism. In any case, the organizers of the London march are trying hard to rejuvenate the plan with much euphoria and crowdfunding. Although the tone of People's Vote at a press conference on Wednesday sounded rather defensive: "Do not give us up."

The chances for a second attempt are there, said Alastair Campbell, a former Labor adviser, because "Mays Brexit is over when she suffers her third defeat next week, and then it really starts." The idea of ​​another vote is also on it, Magaret Beckett of the Labor Party value, not one of several options – but almost the endpoint. "Once the MEPs have discussed and agreed on all the options, then a deal must get the final approval of the citizens of the United Kingdom." And if not? Then all the more.

Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn sees the time for a second referendum not come

However, although the referendum idea was accepted as the last option at the Labor Party Congress after a long debate, in case the attempt to force new elections fails, party leader Jeremy Corbyn has so far refused to support such attacks in parliament. Last week, when the Independent Group put the proposal for a second referendum to vote around Anna Soubry, the party leadership forced its faction to abstain. This was preceded by the refusal of the People's Vote campaign to support the push. The timing was wrong, it was said, now is not the time.

Margaret Beckett, a staunch Corbyn supporter, nevertheless insists that her party will ultimately be serious and follow this path. Claims that Corbyn is against it are wrong. Last week, Labor was also debated supporting a proposal to endorse May's deal, on the condition that she would subsequently hold a second referendum and get final confirmation. But even this plan is only a gray theory.

Because the backing was lacking, the Independent Group's proposal in parliament failed miserably. Another prominent reminder and referendum advocate, Chuka Umunna, admitted, "We still do not have the necessary votes together." Unfortunately, the Labor Party's policy is not "worth the paper it stands for". Umunna was a Labor MP before he founded the Independent Group with Soubry.

Both will march on Saturday to give new weight to the plan. Hundreds of thousands from across the country will be there – hoping that May's deal will fail in parliament next week and take over Parliament to fight for a softer Brexit – or prevent the exit altogether. Peter Kellner of the polling institute YouGov offers new numbers to encourage the referendum fans: 56 percent of those polled said that the people should have the last word, 44 against. What should make even more courage: 60 percent would prefer to remain in the EU to the May deal.

Politics United Kingdom The EU enters the final

The EU enters the final

The EU-27 have found a good compromise for the Brexit shift. He guarantees that London chaos will not jeopardize the European elections – and reveals that confidence in May is minimal.Comment by Matthias Kolb


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