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Fiete Arp to Bayern: The next from the year 99/00

  • Jann-Fiete Arp moves to Bayern – the Munich secured so relatively cheap the rights to a young, highly priced German striker.
  • Behind it is a new transfer strategy of the club.
  • At HSV Arp could convince but rarely.

From Carsten Scheele and Martin Schneider

Callum Hudson-Odoi is following Jann-Fiete Arp on Instagram. This reads like a completely irrelevant message from the series "Media write the social networks", but when the 18-year-old Briton on Thursday night on the profile of the 19-year-old hamburger scrolled and pressed the "Follow" button, illustrated that nice and concise way the new transfer strategy of Bayern. Although President Uli Hoeneß would probably disapprove of being told that his plan was pummeled because "calteck10" is now streaming the stories from "f.arp10".

Hudson-Odoi and Jann-Fiete, called Fiete, Arp have a lot in common. They are both on Instagram, they are both very young, they are both talented offensive players and they are both not yet FC Bayern players. The one, Arp, it will be "2020 at the latest," as the HSV and FC Bayern announced on Thursday evening. Arp can therefore decide for himself whether he will come in the summer of 2019 or only in 2020. Hudson-Odoi wants to FC Bayern "according to sports director Hasan Salihamidzic" unconditional commitment "- Chelsea is still defending itself with his hands and feet. Output open.

Transfermarkt The Bundesliga is chasing the next Sancho

The Bundesliga is chasing the next Sancho

Since established players are too expensive, the clubs now seek their luck with unknown talents. The financial risk is low, the return unpredictable.By Christof Kneer

At Bayern, currently also the Canadian Alphonso Davies, 18 years, he came in the winter from Vancouver. And most likely, Kai Havertz (19, currently Bayer Leverkusen) will sooner or later be joined by the names mentioned above.

Bayern will be active in the transfer market earlier

The strategy behind the fixed commitments (Arp and Davies) and the possible commitments (Hudson-Odoi, Havertz) is clear: FC Bayern will be active in the transfer market earlier – and specifically brings the young players who are not yet world stars. The change of Arp should already have been threaded in the summer of 2018. The people of Munich have realized that it has become somewhat unrealistic even for the richest German club, the best players to sign – because these are called for Sun, Moon and Mar prizes. So the club secures just prophylactically the best players of the years 1999 and 2000. In the case of Jadon Sancho (born in 2000) competitor Dortmund was faster – an unbearable condition for Bayern.

In the case of Arp, the business for Bayern is almost risk-free. The transfer should be between 2.5 and 5 million euros depending on the report. That's practically nothing. For comparison: The BVB is said to have paid for the 19-year-old Argentine Leonardo Balerdi in winter more than 15 million. If Arp strikes, Bayern has a top striker. If not, the club has only gambled the win bonus for two Champions League group games (5.4 million euros).

One risk seems to be the transfer currently more for Fiete Arp. Anyone who has last observed him, comes quickly to the conclusion that the striker will still need the time until 2020 to become a full-fledged Bundesliga striker. He was rarely able to resist the pressure to be the most promising HSV talent. Although the experts continue to agree that Arp has large facilities: He went through all DFB youth national teams, scored 18 goals in 19 games in the U 17; Arp is fast, can bring explosive power into play, which is rare in 19-year-olds. He is "very far for his age," says coach Hannes Wolf, who last noted, however, that Arp might not get everything out of himself.


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