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Facebook alternatives: Here is where you can go after the purification


More and more people want to leave Facebook, especially after Facebook has recently removed more than 800 pages (or "not published"). On Thursday, Facebook acknowledged that it has cleared more than 800 Facebook accounts. They said the pages were focused on politically-oriented content that violated Facebook's spam policy. Facebook said in a blog post that it deleted 559 pages and 251 accounts that consistently violated our rules against spam and coordinated non-authentic behavior. But the problem is that many owners of that page & # 39; s do not understand why they have been removed. Some pages focused on police brutality were removed. Other deleted pages, such as Anti-Media, were alternative or independent news sources. And some were pages from individuals who reported on the news, such as Press for Truth. It is unclear whether one of these pages is able to recover their accounts, but many account owners have said publicly that they are not sure why they were removed. Some lost their Twitter accounts almost simultaneously.

Facebook noted on its blog post about purification: "These networks are increasingly using sensational political content – whatever their political nature – to build an audience and drive traffic to their websites, making them earn money for every visitor The site And just like the politically motivated activity we've seen, the news & # 39; stories or opinions that share these accounts and pages are often indistinguishable from legitimate political debate. it's so important that we look at the behavior of these actors – for example, whether they use fake accounts or repeatedly place spam – rather than their content when deciding which of these accounts, pages, or groups to remove. " Suppose many of the page's used false accounts to make their posts more popular than they were, or actually were advertising farms. But some owners of this page have insisted that they do not fall under the description that Facebook mentioned. Sites with conservative, liberal and libertarian inclinations have been removed.

This sudden purge has led many users to worry that they too can be removed without warning and have prompted companies to push and reconsider their advertising and marketing efforts via Facebook. As a result, a number of people consider alternative Facebook resources. (You see here a list of sites that Facebook has cleared on Heavy's story.)

Here is a list of some of the most important sources that people try. If you have tried a site that is not listed here, please let us know in the comments below.



Minds is a kind of Facebook clone that is encrypted, open source, and that deals intensively with free speech. Recently, the site has rolled out crypto-tokens so that users can be rewarded for their participation. You will be rewarded with tokens for your participation and you can switch tokens to get more views if you want. You can also send tokens to other channels as tips or subscriptions. Read more about how the tokens from Minds work in Heavy's story. If tokens are not your thing, you can still use Minds only for their alternative Facebook option.

Minds is very similar to Facebook in some ways. Each user has a profile page with a header and a profile photo. You can add stories, images, or status updates just like on Facebook, and users can leave comments, share your posts, or vote them up or down. There is also a newsfeed, where you can see what other people you have posted have posted. You can also create your own blog or group. However, minds are different in other ways. As a Minds user, OWNtheNWO, remarked to me at Minds, the "enjoyment" of a comment or message does not weigh in importance like on Facebook – they still remain strictly in chronological order. Minds also has a blog system similar to Blogspot, where you can pay for your content. And you can exchange your Minds tokens on the Etherium blockchain for ETH and exchange them in whatever you want, but the tokens are not worth much.

In Minds you can subscribe to people whose messages you want to see. I am there as StephDwilson. If you try it out, give me a follow-up. You can sign up for Minds via my affiliate link if you want, which is here or goes without an affiliate link here. Once you sign up, you can create your own affiliate link for referrals. It is an interesting concept.

At Alexa, the rank order of Mind is quite high: 8,925 and 4,443 in the United States worldwide. It was launched in June 2015 by Bill Ottman, John Ottman and Mark Harding. In May 2017, it raised more than $ 1 million in Equity Crowdfunding. The majority of visitors (33 percent) come from the United States.

Steemit, the Blockchain-based network


Steemit is one of the more popular Facebook alternatives that people are trying, but in many ways it is a Reddit or Medium clone, housed in a decentralized network. But it is a solid social networking site to try who believes in freedom of ideas.

Users may self-censor by marking (although marking is not recommended), and they vote via upvotes on the merits of a message, just as you would find a Facebook message "fun" or surpass a Reddit entry. But the most important thing that makes Steemit stand out is that you are paid for your messages in the form of Steem cryptocurrency, based on the number of votes that your messages receive. And you are also paid on the basis of your own curation of other people's messages and the upvotes that receive your reactions to messages.

There is a kind of threshold for access, but it is not that difficult. If you need help with signing up, you will find a great beginner's guide here. Madeline Stone, who oversees public relations for Steemit, has shared some advice about starting Steemit with Heavy.com. She advised: "Helping people who join Steemit for the first time to introduce a tag to yourself is a great way to start – other Steemians will comment on your message and make resources available to newcomers. People can also seek help by placing questions in the # help channel at https://steem.chat/home. "

(Tags on Steemit are the way you can search for posts by subject, similar in some ways to how subreddits work on Reddit. You can use hashtags on Facebook, but they do not have the same functionality.)

While Facebook has an Alexa ranking of 3 (both globally and in the US), Steemit already has a rankings of 2,515 worldwide and 3,065 in the United States. Steemit is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and most visitors (21.1 percent) are from the United States.

Steemit is still a work in progress and new functions are constantly being added. For example, Steemit has recently changed many fundamentals of how the network works to help new users on board faster. (Sometimes there is a waiting time before a new account is approved.) Stone told Heavy: "Hardfork 20 is going to improve the process for creating accounts and the user experience (post editing and voting, specifically) on Steemit and other decentralized apps on the Steem blockchain. "

A press release about the change, which was just implemented at the end of September, states that this is "a software upgrade that brings the Steem blockchain of the current bandwidth system to a new system based on Resource Credits or RCs. Steem will enable DApps to create free accounts, making it easier to have new users on board and reinforce Steem & # 39; s lead as the blockchain with the lowest access thresholds … Hardfork 20 also improves user experiences Steem by Unlimited post-processing on steemit.com, so that curators can vote on a message within 15 minutes of publication (a 30-minute change) and get more rewards back into the hands of curators by removing an unfair advantage that authors of self-votes had. "

The recent cleansing and exodus of Facebook was pretty well timed, given the recent changes of Steemit that make it faster for people to join the network. David Jefferys, Business Development Manager for Steemit, said about the timing: "Steemit is open to businesses and the timing could not be more perfect with the fragmentation and disenfranchisement that permeates the large social media networks."

There are also sister "apps" for Steemit that work within the Steem blockchain. These include DTube (an alternative to YouTube), DMania (paid for memes), DLive (for livestreaming) and Zappl (an alternative to Twitter.) My very first Zap just read: "This is my very first Zappl and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, "and it earned me six cents. You can learn more about these apps by reading the Steemit story here. Steemit also has an active "in person" community, including a Steem Creators Conference that will be coming to Las Vegas in mid-April.

If you become a member of Steemit, be sure and follow me and let me know you are there. I would be happy to answer all your questions. I'm on Steemit here.

Me We

Me WeThe home page of MeWe

MeWe is more of a Facebook clone, but it does not have the earning power that Steemit or Minds bring with it. For some, this is a disadvantage, but others who want a simpler social media site will prefer this option. Many people go to MeWe because it offers better security than Facebook, and it has an attractive, easy-to-navigate layout.

When you log in to MeWe, you will be directed to your home page, which is about the same as a newsfeed from Facebook. (This story originally stated that you would be taken to a MyWorlds page, but that was actually in an older version of MeWe.) The new version has a homepage with a newsfeed.) On the homepage you see messages from all your friends, a photo stream and a chat box where you can talk to people. MeWe also has groups in which you can participate and an event function. You also have a notification icon at the top of the page to let you know if activity has happened with respect to your messages. This is what the start page looks like on the desktop version:

Each person also has a profile page, similar to Facebook, where you can add a cover photo, a profile picture and status updates. You can also add nice little anecdotes to a sidebar, including what you eat, drink, read, watch or quote. In this sense it reminds a bit of the functions that some people liked on MySpace. In the other sidebar you can share bio-data such as your job, university, interests and relationship status.

This is what a group page looks like on MeWe:

Me WeMeWe group page example

MeWe & # 39; s Alexa rankings are lower than Steemit's, coming worldwide at 28,506 and 7,300 in the US. But it certainly grows in interest. David Westreich from Me We shared some interesting statistics about the site with Heavy. MeWe currently has more than 70,000 groups and is available on iOS, Android and Desktop eight languages. MeWe is currently the trending app number 6 in the Google Play Store. His global appeal is seen as the number one as the most downloaded app in Saudi Arabia last month.

One of MeWe's consultants is Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the web). MeWe will be the first social network to implement Berners-Lee's "Solid" protocol that gives MeWe users complete control over their data.

If you look at it, follow me and let me know what you think. When I first signed up, I even got hit by a number of spam followers that I had to block, so I think this is a sign that MeWe is growing.


Reddit may try to become more of a Facebook alternative. A newer version of Reddit includes profile page & # 39; s, one-to-one chat features, tracking functionality and more. Some people love this and others think it is a bit too close to Facebook because of their comfort. It should be noted that some people leave Reddit because of concerns about censorship, since the subredits of QAnon and related subreddits have recently been banned. However, Reddit said that these sites were banned because of someone harassing on Twitter, and has also held on to not a ban on The_Donald subreddit, despite the fact that many Reddit users ask for it.

Is MySpace still an option?

Maybe you do not realize this, but MySpace still exists and you can still create an account there. Some old MySpace accounts of some people are still there. It is not really clear whether someone is trying MySpace again after the Facebook problems – they can be gone forever. But it is worth it to look at it at least for nostalgia. In June, The Guardian made a story about people who still like to use MySpace. However, one dedicated user said that most profiles on MySpace are abandoned. Meredith Corporation sells the media brand Time to the founders of Salesforce, Marc and Lynne Benioff. Meredith is also owner of Viant, who is looking for sales. Since Viant is the owner of MySpace, it is a mystery what will happen next with MySpace.

MySpace has a higher Alexa ranking than you might think. It is numbered 4,356 worldwide and 1,909 in the United States. Forty percent of the visitors come from the US



Path is an app-based platform that does not work with desktop browsers, so if you're looking for something that works with both, then this is not right for you. This app is designed for working with smaller, more interpersonal groups instead of hundreds and hundreds of friends. Users share updates, photos, media they use, books, movies and store purchases.

Alexa's worldwide Alexa ranking is 63,754. It is used more in Indonesia than in the US.



Raftr is a tool for social media where users connect based on shared interests. You can make contact with people from the university or on the basis of shared events. The site also has Rafter: College, a private social network for students only. It works on desktop and mobile browsers and also has an iOS app.

Do you have Facebook alternatives that you would like to propose? Let us know in the comments below. This is a development story and more alternatives will be added.


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