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EU ministers set conditions for Brexit extension | TIME ONLINE

Leading European politicians see the responsibility for a regulated or unregulated United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum alone in the UK. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier emphasized that the EU was in principle ready to postpone the Brexit date. But this must serve a "purpose," he said, making it clear that if Britain wanted to avoid a chaotic exit, it would have to vote in favor of the withdrawal agreement. "That remains the responsibility of the United Kingdom." The EU will not change the treaty itself.

Barnier spoke of a "serious and complex" situation, but promised the EU a way out: the international community was ready to make an accompanying political statement on future relations Great Britain "to improve", for example, to take into account demands of the opposition Labor Party for a customs union, said the EU negotiator. This could be done within "a few days, a few hours".

May travels to France and Germany

This Wednesday, EU leaders want to decide whether there is a second Brexit shift.
 If they refuse, it is with a chaotic departure
From the EU on Friday. The deadline on Friday
was set by the EU a few weeks ago.

May has one
new postponed until June 30th. She wants to talk about it too
Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Emmanuel Macron. At the same time, her government is in talks with the
opposition Labor Party to a compromise for a
To achieve Brexit agreements.

EU Council President Donald Tusk has joined the 27 other EU countries
asked Britain to flexible up to one
 Year so it does not harm Brexit's trade

The first discussions took place this Tuesday between EU European Affairs Ministers and EU Chief Negotiator Barnier. All ministers had stressed that "an extension is an instrument and not an end in itself," said Romania's European Minister George Ciamba, whose country currently holds the EU Presidency. He also emphasized: Theresa May must submit "a clear plan" to justify the extension. Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney also spoke of a "clear
Plan "that the EU wants to see -" for a result that we all want,
namely a managed and reasonable Brexit. "

EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger said that in the event of another referendum or new elections, it would also be possible to extend the EU membership by one year, he said Handelsblatt, A shift of a few days would be conceivable if British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed with Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn on remaining in the Customs Union and agreeing to a withdrawal agreement. Germany's European Affairs Minister Michael Roth said the situation was "very, very frustrating".



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