Emily Thornberry praises Jeremy Corbyn for denouncing racism at the Holocaust Memorial Day event


AAccording to the Jewish Chronicle, Mrs. Thornberry said: “It is not only the children in this room who have been educated, but the adults here who continue to be educated.”

“And we keep reminding ourselves, particularly the politicians among us, that we have seen it before and I hope we will never see it again, that people think they can get votes by playing the race card.

“I know Jeremy will always call him and always will. We are one, we are family. “

The dispute came when Sir Keir Starmer, the current favorite to succeed Corbyn, warned Monday that anti-Semitism “had never left” and that it remained “stubbornly resurgent.”

In committing to work with Jewish leaders to address the workers’ anti-Semitism crisis, Sir Keir said that the “first day” of being elected would require an update of complaints against members and “a clear timetable for resolution.”

When writing for Jewish News, the shadow secretary of Brexit added that he would only be satisfied when former Labor members who resigned from anti-Jewish hatred felt “comfortable to return.”

His comments echoed rival candidate Lisa Nandy, who claimed that the word “Zionism” had been “terribly distorted and armed” by some Labor members to the extent that it had become a “term of abuse.”



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