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Elysium. The big debate is you, the conclusions, it's me!

Was it the late hour or the feeling of self-esteem? Before the sixty intellectuals invited to Eliseo in the context of the great national debate and released after eight hours of meeting, Emmanuel Macron was more explicit than ever of his vision of what should be, in his eyes, the conclusions of the great debate . For the Head of State, the urgency is … not to change anything in depth. On several occasions, Emmanuel Macron has singularly defined the field of possibilities. "The big unexpected in our discussion, he said, is who is financing? We must either produce more to create and redistribute wealth, or make redistributive choices. We are at most two criteria: taxation and debt. So it is not a question of questioning the own redistribution choices, even before considering growth. "We entered this debate on a tax that paid too much. I don't think we can do it by charging others. Understanding: the rich.

Worse still, Emmanuel Macron believes very little, fundamentally, in state forces, "on inequality, I would not put the responsibility in the hands of the state," he said. If they exist, it is because, according to him, "we are an egalitarian aristocratic society. Everyone is for public school, but everyone is trying to bring their children to the best schools". The president never foresees the problem in another way: out of 19 comparable OECD countries, France is in 16th place for public investment in primary education, ranking in 13th place for college.

The head of state rejected any discussion of his reforms. As soon as he opened the door to the ISF, whose return is an important claim for the yellow jackets, granting: "It may be necessary to repackage more the part of the suppressed ISF … if the objective of the return or maintenance of productive capital "is ultimately not achieved.

Emmanuel Macron attentive to the problems of society

He also rejected the experimentation of a universal basic income. So let's face it, he recognizes that "the inequalities and importance of inheritance are a dysfunction of contemporary capitalism", but it is immediately recognizing his impotence; "If I open this debate, I kill the politics that I lead (…) If I address an international message against the accumulation of capital, I will send a contradictory message about trust and attractiveness", its policy of seducing investors, like his predecessors, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande. For Macron, "getting out of the big debate with a big debate on capital taxation is not the answer". Nor does he intend to revise the inheritance tax, "I will not open this topic to hack the inheritance tax, because everyone would feel worried". A little earlier, Agathe Cagé, a specialist in education, had just recalled that "the greatest primary inequality is whether to have inheritance", and proposed to call "public investment" what some people see as public spending .

Even on social matters, Emmanuel Macron was cautious. Anyone who wanted, a few weeks ago, to revise the law of 1905, renouncing it, but felt that "we have an argument with Islam", especially with organizations that have a "political vision of Islam". Just as it is increasingly evasive about PMA, considering that "some debates have not diminished", while Philippe Philippe said four days ago that the project would be presented in June.

However, the reality was this evening organized by France Culture at the presidential disposal. "Today, an average salary in Paris can only buy a 3 m². We are witnessing an impoverishment of the population. Even pensioners are rebelling, it seems to me that it is urgent to become aware of the intensity of social frustrations," said Louis Chauvel, sociologist and specialist in inequality.

Outlining what should be the heart of his proposals in April, without an officially advanced date, the head of state outlined the contours of the "deliberative democracy" he asks, a hybrid that refuses to both the "permanent referendum" and the only elections , to stick to the only private referendum. Sufficient for yellow jackets? His understanding of the movement has been limited, as when he portrays it as "an anthropological reaction of the social networks before our eyes: the anonymity on the networks can become anonymity for the street". The random comparison is in line with the authoritarian response of the government on Monday after the incidents on the Champs-Elysees. "Verticality should not be loneliness. What strikes me in France is that no one is fired, no one resigns", he opposes the economist Jean-Claude Casanova. Emmanuel Macron has just acknowledged that "eighteen months after taking office, I failed to give a perspective to an entire population category". Not because of his guilt, but "because of the meaning of certain decisions or their slow execution". They blame a fault on the pedagogy, on the brakes on administration, but above all on the president's choices.

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