Electronic cigarette, hypnosis, patches … Former smokers tell how they have thrown away tobacco


On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day Friday, former smokers tell their journey, not always obvious, to stop smoking.

"I didn't say, & # 39; I'm going to quit & # 39 ;, I just said & # 39; I'm going to smoke an electronic cigarette & # 39;" : Clara, 20, decided to quit smoking on a whim, 8 months ago. She is one of those who decided to use the electronic cigarette to make a cross on tobacco: "I expected months and months to reject the temptation, that's why I didn't stop smoking without anything, if I tried, maybe not. I wouldn't have succeeded."

Clara is one of the 1.6 million daily smokers who have decided to quit smoking since 2016, according to Public Health France. But the path is often longer, especially when you only try to stop.

Liliana smoked a maximum of two packages per day. To slow down, she tried almost everything from patches to nicotine gum. Without success: "It was very, very difficult, that it was a daily struggle, not to smoke, not to admit. I was hot, this experience wasn't great." One day she tries hypnosis and everything changes: a single session is enough to completely stop the cigarette.

For Liebault, 22, the hypnotherapist helped him "to forget 99% of my cigarettes" : "I would lie if I said that sometimes I didn't want to smoke, especially in the evening, but I can concentrate for two minutes not to." A flash therapy, but far from cheap: a hypnosis session costs a maximum of 350 euros.

Report by Béatrice Chot-Plassot

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