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EELV. The greens take on the colors of Europe

A breath of fresh air throughout France. 350,000 people walked the climate at the request of 140 organizations on Saturday. This is without counting the success of the petition "the case of the century" – led by Cécile Duflot, ex-EELV who became president of Oxfam – with over 2 million signatures. "This is proof that the time of awareness is behind us. The ecologists have warned in the desert for years of climate change and have been mocked. Today, the issue of actions" exalts Julien Bayou, spokesman for Europe Ecology-the Greens. For now, the EELV seems to be benefiting, making the race to the top of the left in the polls of the May 26 poll: according to Ifop published on March 15th, it is behind LaREM (23.5%), RN (21%) and LR (13.5%) with 8.5% of voting intentions. Faced with IF (7%), PS (6%) or Génération.s (2.5%) and PCF (2%).

No reconciliation with the rest of the left

Starting at the beginning of the campaign, voting for its list last July, the party set the ambitious target of 15% of the votes. Your strategy? Opt for a purely ecological line, "pragmatic" and even "central". An air of macronismo, he mocks his remaining opponents. "The ecology is more than the left", explains the head of the list Yannick Jadot, for whom it is the "matrix that redefines the economy, the social and the democracy". For the outgoing MEP, the idea is "to build a new pole that has never been compromised with right-wing productivism, but wants to free itself from productivism and left-wing nationalism". "For 40 years it was the PS, so Mélenchon chose the hegemony rather than the choice of the rally. Who is left to take responsibility for leadership? We. In the 21st century, it will be the political ecology to play the role of great matrixes, "envisions David Cormand, national secretary of the EELV.

Reason why, Yannick Jadot repeats, EELV categorically rejects any rapprochement with the rest of the left, scattered. "This election must be built on consistency and clarity. I do not want the facades of Paris to sit in Strasbourg in different groups," the world leader explained this weekend. And yet, from rebellious France to Génération.s, through the PCF, the ecology has invoked everywhere in recent years, in every program. "We could believe that seeing the ecology everywhere she is not anywhere," says Julien Bayou. We were happy to have appeared in the heart of the projects and not just at the end of the sentences of Royal or Holland. However, this is not their priority. The regional councilor of the Île-de-France takes the example of his party, which, unlike the others it claims, "has not withdrawn a step from the ecological imposition" to the eve of the act The yellow jackets. Finally, "the others have chosen for us" at the rally, the ecologist continues.

If Yannick Jadot believes that "Europe is the right balance for the environment", the EELV "takes seriously" the date of May 26, also because the party "plays a lot with these elections" said Julien Bayou. The proportional vote on one shift is quite successful: in 2009, the party gets 14 places … tied to the PS. Then, like the other parties, EELV suffered from the advent of Macronie – LaREM stole members, including Barbara Pompili and François de Rugy – in the political landscape. His parliamentary groups, consisting of 18 deputies and 10 senators, have disappeared. A gradual cancellation also because of its strategic choices. Participation in the governments of François Hollande, gathered behind the PS candidate for the 2017 presidential elections, Benoît Hamon … EELV no longer wants to be in the shadow of the PS. "Their project is not mine", Yannick Jadot rebuked at the beginning of the discussions on the left around Place public. Europe is going bad, the planet is burning and people are constantly talking to me about whether environmentalists will be the life jackets of the socialists. "

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