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Educator: "As a man you are a bit exotic in kindergarten"

He is a man and works as an educator. Some parents find this funny, for him it is the most normal thing in the world. The anonymous salary protocol of a kindergarten teacher.

Older: 30
Job: educator
Salary: 1,250 euros net in a 50 percent position

A few years ago a father came to me and said he did not want me to go to the bathroom with his daughter. A man who goes to a toilet with a girl, that would not work. It made me very thoughtful. I am an educator. It is my job to help the children – in a variety of situations and also when it comes to going to the bathroom. I had the girl acclimated and was in the kindergarten her caregiver. But the demand of the father was clear. So I always called one of my colleagues when the girl had to. After a while, I invited the girl's father for a conversation to get to know me better. He then realized he could trust me, and I was allowed to help his daughter again when she needed to go to the bathroom.

In the ten years,
I already work as an educator, but such situations came
not often before. I
believe that it is becoming more normal
it will, too
male educational professionals exist. Some
Although parents are watching
first time
a bit strange, if there is a man in there
Kindergarten is running around,
but if I
then talk to them
and they see me like me
deal with the children,
lay almost all
this first mistrust quickly. It
It is funny: My furniture is in a neighborhood where the
Most parents, I think, attach great importance to equality – but a man as an educator is not yet for
all normal. When
Man is man
so a bit exotic in kindergarten. over
90 percent of the professionals are female. I'm in my institution
I am the only male educational professional.

My friends and family think it's great that I've chosen this job – my brother and my mother now even work as an educator. And it is precisely on the part of the kindergarten management that I feel that it is important to her that men also work in the institution. I would even say, if you do not have an absolutely subterranean testimony, you get a job pretty fast as a man. Many managers of facilities look specifically for male educators and wish at least one man in their facility. What educators do with the children and what they give them, is sometimes already different. Whether it's cliché, that I'm doing a lot of sports with the children and go to the workshop and some of my colleagues tinker with the children rather, I do not worry about it – these are just the areas that I enjoy.

Regardless of whether a woman or a man, it is currently difficult to find any pedagogical specialist. That there is a great lack of educators, I notice when it says, "The workshop remains today" or "Can you care for three more children today, an educator is ill". We are very short staffed; There are seven teachers on 66 children who work full-time. Ten years ago, I started working as an educator. Despite strikes and collective bargaining, I feel it's not getting better, it's getting worse and worse. It is attracting fewer and fewer young people in the profession. The biggest sticking point is certainly the salary. About 1,600 euros net in a 38-hour week, after four years of vocational training, that's already fierce.


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