Home news Economy. Huawei is more and more like the telecom pariah

Economy. Huawei is more and more like the telecom pariah

Germany, in turn, is considering the possibility of banning the Chinese group from its future 5G network, while in the United States the legal vacuum is being tightened against a company accused of technology theft.

US lobbying to put their allies under pressure to ban Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, from their 5G network, has paid off in Berlin? Or is it the concern expressed in the country itself? Yet the German government did "Turnabout" in his approach, it is noted Financial Times, while Berlin had shown up until then "More skeptical than the United Kingdom of American allegations that the Shenzhen-based company was connected to the Chinese state".

For the time being, no decision has been taken, but the German authorities are studying the possibility of excluding Huawei from the 5G network that will soon be deployed across the Rhine. "The discussion is in full swing in the federal government", it reports Handelsblatt. The frequencies must be allocated in Germany in the spring.

Australia and New Zealand have already banned Huawei from this 5G network, which has to offer a larger bandwidth for mobile telecommunications. Meanwhile, the Japanese government gave up all the equipment of the Chinese group.

Risk of hacking on the electricity network

Huawei is also being investigated in the United States, has just released the Wall Street Journal, where the company is suspected of stealing technological secrets from affiliate firms, including T-Mobile.

In the United States, MEPs publicly expressed concern that the solar panels of the Chinese group might be illegally copied, which could lead to disruptions in the country's electricity supply, the report said. Financial Times.

With 180,000 employees worldwide, Huawei is one of the largest telecom equipment manufacturers in the world, alongside the Swedish Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia. In the mobile phones sector, the group won the second place in the Apple rankings in 2018, behind the unstoppable Samsung.

Huawei has become a symbol of disputes between Washington and Beijing that engage in a trade war sometimes sometimes latently opened for months. The arrest in December of the Group CFO in Canada at the request of the United States further aggravated the tensions.

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