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East Brunswick Development: New businesses provide more entertainment on Route 18

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Going out in East Brunswick is going to be a lot more fun as the new activities on Route 18 will offer entertainment, food, retail variety and a response to suburban doldroms.

The drivers of Rooute 18 are starting to see a lot of tremors while the old buildings are converted into new uses and new buildings reserve new surprises.

Let's have a look:

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"Area 6" of the East Brunswick redevelopment area, located behind Dick's Sporting Goods in the former Wonder Bread location, shows the start of the process to create the new residential / commercial community near the Turnpike. On the occasion of this Monday's meeting, the EB Town Council will address issues and finances regarding the Eminent Domain sentence in the area and some ligation on the new center of East Brunswick. This is the Redevelopment Zone, not the developments of Tices Lane or Summerhill that are controlled by commercial entities. The redevelopment area is a large area of ​​the city that was designed in a unit by East Brunswick. Residents can see the signs and the beginning of the demolition / construction in this area.

The former K-Mart property on Route 18 South is undergoing a transformation. Drivers can see that the façade is being updated. The center of clothing, a staple of East Brunswick, will move to the front of the building and will increase in size. There will also be two retail outlets in the front. The back of the building will become a self-storage facility that the Township Town Administrator, Joe Criscuolo, says, "There's a real question" in East Brunswick.

L & # 39; ex Toys-R-Us / Babies-R-Us the stores will become an indoor recreational facility for families that will be characterized by indoor parachuting. Pagano Realtors, the company that controls the commercial area of ​​Summerhill Square, manages the 5,000 square foot location and will create a two-tier area for family business. Colleen McGurk of East Brunswick Planner said failure could become something like I-FLY, a recreational center of Paramus. The planning council will discuss this project during the February 21st meeting.

L & # 39; ex Slanted kilt at the front of the mall will open like an El Toro Loco this spring, says Ron Lichtenberger, the General Manager of Brunswick Square. El toro Loco is a high-end Mexican restaurant offering tequila nights, music and, according to the website, "the hottest party in New Jersey".

The new building behind Arooga's and Sweetberry's it will also become an entertanment center with a bowling alley as a central element. Coral May, the real estate manager of Arooga and other localities within the municipality, says the location will also feature some restaurants, billiards and a game room. Coral May Plaza is run by a family-run development company whose roots are located in East Brunswick and is dedicated to quality and local businesses.

Parachuting, bowling, shopping, tequila and a new center. Route 18 will be somewhat new fairly soon.

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