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The SPD has been in crisis for years. Even if the defeat in the European elections is no surprise – the loss of votes are even greater than many expected. At 15.5 percent, the German Social Democrats crashed, a double-digit loss compared to the European elections five years ago. It is the first time that the SPD lands in third place in nationwide elections. Once social democratic strongholds like Dortmund voted green on Sunday. Nationwide, 1.4 million voters have been lost to the Greens.

How did that start – and when?

Since the election of red-green in 2005, the nationwide trend for the SPD shows down. We would like to know from you, dear former SPD voters: Why? Why did you stop giving your vote to the SPD? When did your doubts begin? Were there content-related aspects, personnel questions or both? Where did your voice go and why? Which party do you choose since then?

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