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Donald Trump: radical takeover? | TIME ONLINE

There is not much left of Trump's original Cabinet. After the president tweeted his Minister of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on Sunday, Randolph D. Alles, head of Secret Services, had to leave. Lee Francis Cissna, head of the US Citizenship and Immigration Department, and John Mitnick, head of the legal department, are also expected to leave soon.

Trump's wear is high. He has hired and dismissed more than 30 senior members within his 27-month term. Oftentimes, the president and his staff diced about the economy, sometimes about foreign policy. In the case of Minister of Homeland Security Nielsen, it was the immigration issue. For Trump, Nielsen was no longer "tough" enough.

It was Nielsen, of all people, who ordered last summer to tear apart around 3,000 families on the Mexican border. She always defended Trump. However, they did not want to support the border closure threatened by the president. Instead, she reminded him of the applicable laws.

Trump needs new hardliners

For the time being, Kevin McAleenan will take over the ministry provisionally. The chief of the border police knows the situation on the spot. As a specialist, McAleenan enjoys cross-party respect. It was his job to enforce law and order. "The stress limit is reached," he said in late March, when the authorities had picked up about 4,100 immigrants – the highest number in one day in more than a decade.

Trump wants to put immigration at the center of his next election campaign. But unlike the Geschachte Nielsen McAleen is not a hardliner, he is considered a pragmatist among Democrats and is married to an immigrant from El Salvador. Disagreements with Trump could therefore also quickly cost him his job: "Trump is looking for people who represent the strictest and most aggressive approaches since the twenties," said historian Timothy Naftali LA Times, The professor of New York University predicts, "He'll ruffle people until he finds someone to implement his cruel vision."

Probably the hottest candidate for this post is already ready: Stephen Miller, Trump's personal speechwriter. The ultra-right nationalist has been supporting the president for years in the election campaign, and while some of Trump's aides are trying to keep the president in his pocket, Miller sees the opposite. He is Trump's accelerator. With his controversial demands, he counts to the West Wing, the ultra-right wing, which is too radical even some Republicans. It is he who brings the hate in Trump's speeches, say critics.

The whisperer of the president

The 33-year-old is considered a trained rhetorician. He is also the ideological architect behind Trump's foreclosure policy. Two years ago, he is said to have co-drafted the entry ban for Muslims, which Trump had put into effect shortly after his election as President by executive decree. As a whip in the right-wing scene, he is passionately arguing for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and against the permanent right of illegal immigrants who came to the US as children.

Miller himself comes from a Jewish immigrant family. His grandparents fled the anti-Semitic pogroms in Belarus in the early 19th century in the United States, where Miller eventually grew up in Santa Monica. During his schooldays, he played the troublemaker, complained about his liberal high school and railed against the political correctness. At the beginning of the lesson, he would stand next to his desk every morning, put his hand over his heart and conjure up his love for his country, she says LA Times,

"Osama bin Laden would feel very comfortable here"

As the New York Times Miller is said to be his classmate in the
ninth grade quit the friendship because he was Latino. When his parents' real estate company went bankrupt, she lost her home and moved the family to a cheaper area, Miller began to be interested in weapons. He quickly became acquainted with the theses of radical weapons lobbyists around Wayne LaPierre.

While studying at the prestigious Duke University, the college's own journal The Chronicle his platform. In regular guest contributions he revolted about the modern role model of the woman, the support of homosexuals and the issue of condoms to minors. The articles in the Chronicle It is also the case when he publishes himself publicly as a convinced conservative. He described his university as an "indoctrination machine". "Osama bin Laden would feel very comfortable here," he later wrote about his school.



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