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Doctoral thesis of the family minister: How dangerous are the plagiarism allegations for Giffey?

Plagiarism hunters complain about the dissertation by Franziska Giffey. What that can mean for the family minister and SPD hopefuls.

Federal Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey is considered a hopefuls of the Social Democrats – but now she sees itself with delicate allegations
 plagiarism hunters have their dissertation under the microscope
taken and found violations of scientific standards.
Now, the Free University of Berlin must examine the allegations.

What do the plagiarism hunters accuse her?

 49 out of 205 pages of her thesis could have plagiarized Giffey –
and thus on almost a quarter of the pages of her dissertation. The
comes from a documentation that can only be found under the anonymizing abbreviation "dcl"
 the platform "VroniPlag Wiki". So far there are 73 fragments
documented, "which are classified as plagiarism". At 36 of them it should
are so-called obfuscations or complete plagiarisms,
Cases in which Giffey passages are taken from texts by other authors
have, without referring to it. For 36 other fragments she has indeed
 the source stated, "but the acquisition is not sufficient
"In such" peasants sacrifices "plagiarizers give way
give a paragraph a reference, but write further from it, without
specify this.

To sources that Giffey at no point of their
Mention work, according to VroniPlag belong to a Wikipedia entry
"Deliberative Democracy" and a document from the Committee on Culture
and education of the European Parliament. In addition, the plagiarism hunters throw
Giffey "arbitrary referencing" before. In at least 68 cases give
 As evidence of their statements, they refer to sources that "appear to be
are chosen arbitrarily or with which they do not prove (so)
This would arouse the suspicion of a deliberately misleading one
better knowledge was provided by incorrect sources ".

How does VroniPlag work?

VroniPlag is a so-called Wiki,
 a publicly accessible website whose content is continuously updated by
Users are created. Scientists from different German
Universities collect evidence of unclean things in their spare time
scientific work. Only a few plagiarism hunters are by name
known. In meticulous detail, they are looking for text passages that
from other works, without acknowledging it
do. These can be verbatim paragraphs as well as
Corresponding takeovers without indication of source.

The VroniPlag Wiki gives
 It has been around since 2011, the name goes back to the first case, the
the plagiarism hunters did, the dissertation by Veronika Saß,
called "Vroni". The daughter of the former Bavarian
Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber (CSU) was the doctorate
disallowed. Previously, those who had completed the doctoral thesis of
former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, in the
"GuttenPlag" merged. The name VroniPlag remained, although the
 Doers soon turned to other cases.

In the meantime, 203 plagiarism investigations have been completed on the website. In more than 70 cases, the university concerned recognized the respective title.

How do the assets of VroniPlag Wiki assess the case?

 The platform emphasize that their investigations are not completed
are. Especially the "arbitrary references" are largely
not yet "sighted" according to the four-eyes principle. Public
But now she has done "Robert Schmidt", an active, only
anonymous in e-mail interviews. In conversation with the "Süddeutsche
Zeitung "," Schmidt "explained the special explosiveness of the case Giffey.


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