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Dispute over coffee in Hamburg: pacifier prohibited – society

A restaurateur does not want to have children under the age of six in her café. The word battle between "Child enemies" and "Supermuttis" says a lot about our hypersensitive society.

From Peter Burghardt, Hamburg

Fortunately, there are so many cafes in the world, including in beautiful Hamburg. This has the advantage for customers with handicaps that they can drink their highland espresso with oat milk casually a corner, if anyone does not want to be a guest. From this point of view, this place with the children's brake would not have deserved much attention, but on the other hand, one has to stand out as a catering business somehow. By especially good food, for example, by particularly cool ambience. Or how about it: #Schnullergate?

The password got the debate about the café "moki's goodies" missed since the house rules made the rounds. The "Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant", as it is called, refers to its homepage on "Love Peace and Happiness" and its "relaxed mix of Soulfood and Superfood", including Açaí-Smoothie Bowl and Shakshuka. One also learns: "no dogs and strollers in the interior" (dogs "like on the terrace"), in addition: "unfortunately not barrier-free, because old building". Prohibition signs for prams, buggies and dogs can be found under the inscriptions "delikat.essen" and "frisch.gut.mit liebe" on the high windows of the currently somewhat battered façade. And, here we come: It is possible to book online "for Lovely Guests Only", for "adults & children over 6 years".

The "moki's goodies" café in Hamburg, a "breakfast and brunch restaurant": paint remains can be seen on the windows and on the façade.

(Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa)

So not under six. Scandal! For example, Hamburg has been discussing "the first child ban in a café" for days (Hamburger morning mail), more precisely that, as far as we know, first prohibition of the reservation for children under six years in a Hamburg café. The result, as expected, initially: Shitstorm and applause – the Causa is representative of overall social differences of opinion to deal with not so big people who are sweet except sometimes loud.

"Welcome to Germany … I've never experienced it like this in any other country," a single mother tweets three children, "but well … there's no need for a woman to go there". – "When I'm traveling alone, I also avoid cafes full of toddlers," tweets a "father of two children (5 & 2)". Even in the rating portal Tripadvisor, the thing is already down. "Basically poor, but at least you're in the press." – "There are enough mothers and other characters", the reaction of the restaurant was "absolutely correct".

In the middle of this storm came the day when the owner spoke up. "Honestly – enough," she wrote. "Dear Super, I think it is time to seriously question the proportionality of what you have been doing on the net for several days now." Since her company would be "condemned with amazing verbal armament and hostility" – transfer this "from the moms on the Internet to students on the playground, then the term would be crystal clear bullying". She is a mother herself, has a daughter, a goddaughter, nieces and nephews. "Submitting to child hostility is so stupid." "Second, moki's goodies is not a donor-funded democratic mother-child project, but a restaurant that I think about and invest my private money in. Because I want to make my own decisions without justifying myself have to."

Sprayed with paint

The replica pleased, as of Monday, 3801 times. First comment below: "The initiative to exclude children under 6, I think great! As a childless I do not go to a mothers café (of which there are enough in HH)."

Then "moki's goodies" was sprayed with black and white paint on Friday morning. "Kevin 6 years!" stood across the entrance, to a sad smiley on a window. Offender: unknown. "Unfortunately today limited visibility", posted "moki's goodies". "Thanks Kevin", there is still good breakfast.

The Hamburg excitement is once again about German sensitivities, as well as vandals. Elsewhere, coffee house people would hardly come up with the idea of ​​excluding offspring; In Argentina or Italy, a buggy hardly bothers you. In Germany beyond hypersensitive and regular Germany, things get complicated quickly. As you can easily get the hint in a restaurant, the baby carriage did not fit in. The dog at the next table but already? Yes, that's it. At "moki's goodies", after all, dogs and toddlers must stay outside.

Permitted are such peculiarities of course, the owners have house rights. Perhaps there will soon be pubs, where men are only 67 and women between 21 and 25 only. The restaurant "Oma's Küche und Quartier" on Rügen boasts: "The first child-free restaurant in Binz and on all of Rügen, at least from 17.00 clock – welcome guests over 14 years!"

In "moki's goodies" the disks are clean again after the paint attack, the frame and the wall are not quite clean, the police investigate for damage to property. The owner is not there for lunch, the café is quiet and well filled with lovely guests. "Wait to be seated", stands on a sign, it smells of cake and lunch. "There is always a part of the places that can not be reserved," it says on the net. "Spontaneously pay attention is worthwhile in case of doubt." Reservations from six years, as I said.

Verdingkinder Abused, abused, exploited

Abused, abused, exploited

Hundreds of thousands of children were hired in Switzerland until the 1970s. That's her story.



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