Disney UFC Broadcast Plans for FX – Variety


The UFC matches will return to the FX, but not on a permanent basis.

ESPN showed preliminary attacks on UFC pay-per-view events for the last time on ESPN and ESPN2, and then showed the main tab on its ESPN + subscription video service. In September, the first lineup will be aired on FX, which once called the UFC.

"UFC 242", the September 14 event, takes place from Dubai, which means that the live window for US viewers is significantly earlier than normal, from noon to 2:00 pm. Oriental. ESPN and ESPN2 cannot broadcast the preliminary card, because they have an extensive program of college football matches on the air. To solve the problem, the preliminary games will be broadcast on FX. That network, once part of 21st Century Fox, was home to a good part of the general UFC program for seven years, until Walt Disney's ESPN won UFC rights in 2018.

"With a rich college football program on Saturday 7 September, we are thrilled to have FX – added to the company over the past 21st A deal from Century Fox: brings fans to preliminary meetings for UFC 242, while ESPN + remains the headquarters of the Main Event pay-per-view, "said Paul Melvin, spokesman for ESPN +.

The executives have no plans to return the UFC to FX on a regular basis, but in an instant the network seemed like a good perch for a few hours of UFC. Fans are used to watching games on the net.

FX joined Walt Disney at the start of this year, all due to a massive $ 71.3 billion purchase of most of Fox's cable and studio resources.

ESPN intends to announce its plans Saturday evening, during a broadcast of the preliminary matches for "UFC 241".