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Dijon: Justice has been seized by the City Hall to cancel the name "Jihad" given to a newborn

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The mayor of Dijon has filed a lawsuit to cancel the name "Jihad", chosen last week by the mother of a newborn, said Tuesday at the prosecutor's office.

"The Dijon prosecutor has received the file from the mayor of Dijon and we will today issue a summons on the cancellation of the name for the attention of the child's mother for a hearing before the family court in Dijon," AFP told Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Dijon, Eric Mathais, confirms information from the regional daily newspaper The public good in his Saturday edition.


"Even if the name Jihad or Jihad is a given name in the Arab world and that means in the book of the first names of the Arab world: holy battle, holy war, work, effort and thus it can have a positive meaning, yet it remains in public opinion and given the current terrorist context necessarily associated with fundamentalist Islamic movements, "said the magistrate.

The latter also emphasized the fear of the child "a stigma, even ridicule or derogatory comments".

"If he is not accepted, I will exchange two letters and I will call him Jahid," he said on Saturday. Public property the mother of the little boy. As it was already in April for the baby of a couple of Haute-Garonne
in a similar case. However, she added that she had reserved "the right to appeal to a lawyer" to challenge the decision if the reasons for the refusal were not "suitable" for her.

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