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Details about the crisis of "delegation" … and important decisions for "Abu Haza" within a few hours

* 6 members declare their resignation to the party
* Abu Hashqa reveals important decisions within a few hours at a press conference
* The party includes the Ironi, Qandil and Akkad in response to the resignations

The crisis that struck the "House of the Nation" escalated the past few days, after the freezing of party leader, counsel Bahaa Eldeen Abu Shatah, membership of MP Mohammed Fouad, the Department of Urbanism and the resignation of engineer Ahmad Al-Sejini.

After the announcement of a number of members of the party resign the formations of the party, while responding to it, "Abu Haza" ratification of the accession of new members of public figures and influential in the work of the party.

Six members of the Al Wafd party have announced their resignation due to the recent crisis between Chancellor Bahaa Abu-Shuka and MP Mohammed Fuad, including Ahmed Abdel-Maaz, Karim Zaki, Ayman Samir, Ahmed Shehata, Mamdouh Abdel Baki and Marwa Mansour.

According to sources within the party, the adviser Bahaauddin Abu-Zaka, head of the party delegation, held a long meeting more than 3 hours in the Wafd party to discuss the resignation of MP Ahmad al-Sijini and a number of party members, in the presence of Major General Mohammed al-Husseini, Dr. ir. Yasser al-Hudaibi, Dawood, Abdul-Salam Yamamah and a number of party leaders.

The sources added to the "Constitution" that confirmed the leaders of the party's negotiations with Eng Ahmad al-Sijini, head of the local governing committee in the House of Representatives, to abandon the resignation filed by and open the door to any initiatives adopted by the elders of the delegation with the adviser Bahaa Eddin Abu apartment to resolve the crisis that broke out recently, Emphasizing that "Abu Haza" welcomed the initiatives that included all parties in the public interest of the party.

Sources pointed out that the party agreed with the accession of a number of public and political figures, including engineer Tareq Hadidi, former head of the Petroleum Authority, Dr. ir. Khalid Qandil, chairman of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East, and media Iman Akkad, the party in response to the resignations of a number of members The party stresses that there are a number of party deputies who are monitoring the progress of the resignation the coming days, including MP Amr Abualiazid, and deputy Talaat al-Suwaidi, and MP Suleiman Wahdan, deputy to the House of Representatives.

Dr. Yasser al-Hudaibi, a spokesperson for the Wafd party, said that the adviser Bahaa Abu Shatah is making a number of important decisions regarding the "House of the Nation", especially as we are approaching an important period in the history of the political party. .

Al-Hudhaibi added that the important decisions that will be announced will address the demands of the two delegations and will be announced at a major press conference, the date of which has not yet been established, all the facts and circumstances of each decision and documents. to reveal.

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