Democrats file an ethics complaint against the Republican campaign arm for the alleged use of “trackers” in office buildings

Only on January 9, for example, the NRCC published in your twitter account 10 videos that seemed to show trackers following Democratic lawmakers inside the House buildings, the DCCC said. Videos uploaded by the NRCC in recent months show that Democratic members of Congress have been pressured by a number of issues, including the impeachment of President Trump and the drone attack that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

“The rules of ethics of the Chamber that prohibit the use of official resources for political purposes exist in large part to establish and maintain decorum and order in the House of Representatives,” the DCCC said in its complaint to the Ethics Office of the Congress.

“But NRCC staff and / or agents seem to have violated these well established rules. His behavior reflects a total and total disregard for this decorum. Unless Representative Emmer and NRCC report, the House of the People will simply become another campaign tool to defame political opponents and win elections, ”he added, referring to Representative Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), President of the NRCC

The OCE and the NRCC did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On Twitter, the NRCC Director of Communications, Chris Pack, responded to the Democrats, accusing them of “using taxpayer-funded OCE for a political publicity stunt”.

“Absolutely unpleasant that @CheriBustos would use the Congressional Ethics Office (OCE) to attack Congressman Tom Emmer” Pack said, referring to the President of DCCC, Cheri Bustos (Ill.). “This is a” heinous misuse of the official resources of the Chamber for political purposes. “

While the political candidates and official campaign weapons of both parties have deployed trackers for a long time in the campaign, their use has generally been considered off-limits within the office buildings that are part of the US Capitol complex. UU.

In its complaint on Monday night, the DCCC noted the Chamber’s Ethics Manual, which states: “The buildings of the Chamber, and the rooms and offices of the Chamber, including district offices, have official funds and Therefore, they are considered official resources. Consequently, as a general rule, they cannot be used to carry out campaigns or political activities. “

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