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The new passes are already here. "United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland "
is written on the burgundy document. The
previous addition "European Union" is missing. After all, his old color has the
Pass yet; but soon he will be blue again with a gold print, so
how he came into use a hundred years ago.

New passports – there were a few officials probably too fast. Still is
United Kingdom Member of the EU. But had Prime Minister
Theresa May not set for a long time on the exit date? On the 29th of march
In 2019, it should be over with the rule of the Brussels bureaucrats
London affairs.

However, the 29th of march passed, and the Brexiteers that already
chilled the champagne to celebrate the new British "Independence Day"
to celebrate, they are now afraid to remain in the hated European Union for an indefinite period of time. Since Theresa May with the opposition Labor Party over
negotiated a bipartisan compromise, they have completely the
Lost composure, seek revenge and announce obstruction. Only
out of the EU, is her slogan. If necessary, without agreement.
Great Britain it will survive.

But a no-deal exit is the least likely
If EU leaders meet this Wednesday in
Once again meet Brussels for the special summit. Some of them are chaos
In London, while thoroughly sorry and want to draw a line for their part.
Some observers trust Emmanuel Macron to have a "de-gaulle moment"
edged farewell of the French President to the address of

But in the end it will probably win the insight that a hard one
United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum harm all Europeans, not just the British. So you become
Theresa May the extension requested last Friday until June 30th
grant. Or give the British much more time.

Donald Tusk's suggestion is reasonable

The most far-reaching is so far Council President Donald Tusk went. Tusk
has proposed a "flexible extension" up to a year. Therefore
The British would have until the end of March 2020 to make their way out of the EU
to communicate and to find the consent of Brussels.

This proposal is reasonable. Because he would allow to think this decision quietly. Martin Wolf, the economic policy
Chief commentator of Financial
pleads for taking this opportunity courageously. His
Argumentation: A contractless stumbling out of the Union would be irresponsible;
the agreement negotiated by Theresa May was three times in the lower house
failed, for a consent is still no majority in sight.
"This leaves membership in the EU as the only sensible option." The
but presuppose a second referendum, and for that Britain needs one
long postponement of the withdrawal date.

Martin Wolf has always considered Brexit to be a crazy one
Idea. But it is
not to be overlooked how the political landscape changes since then
Theresa May has given up trying the Brexit hardliners in her
Conservative party to swing to a softer line. He
I am in no mood to dismantle the whole parliament building and throw the rubble into the Thames, one of them said.

The Proeuropeans are mobilizing

The hard Brexiteers are crazy. The followers of a
Staying in the EU scents morning air. In London, a group of
Independent (The Independent Group) formed, including eight former
Labor MPs and three former Tory MPs. They want the
European elections in which the country participates in a postponement of Brexit
has to make a substitute referendum. The proeuropeans in the UK are doing
mobile. Finally.

Whatever the Heads of State or Government decide, everything indicates that the British will not leave the EU without agreement on Friday, 12 April. more likely
is that May agree with Labor on a compromise line, in essence
a stay in the customs union. But to negotiate that, it takes time, and
the EU will probably grant that to the British.

And who wanted to rule it out during this
Extension to new elections, possibly also to a second referendum?
And whose result then turns out differently than the first time in 2016?

In any case, the passports have Great Britain
adopted more quickly by the EU than in reality. Whether with or without
"European Union": The pass is valid in both variants.



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