Death of Clément Méric: last minute accident for the first hearing


Two defendants who looked wise and an empty chair: this is how the lawsuit opened Tuesday morning after the death of Clement Meric, an 18-year-old anti-fascist activist, murdered in a battle with skinheads. 2013. "We are starting this hearing with real problems," said the president, Xaviere Simeoni, pointing out that Samuel Dufour "can not be found". Referring to Esteban Morillo for "deliberate violence that resulted in death without wanting to give" with the aggravating circumstances that they were committed with a weapon and during a meeting, the 25-year-old baker simply did not appear in the court of Assizes in Paris . Ultimate panic? Vertigo of the 20 years of imprisonment of criminals? Not really. "It's not that I did not introduce myself, I was interrogated by police at 8 o'clock this morning because there was a demonstration and they were looking for reports like me …", says the interested party in the early afternoon, the return of a morning at the police station.
Good combed hair
So after four years of training and last-minute incidents, three men – who seem to be released under judicial control – finally took their place on the jetty. Esteban Morillo, 26, has nothing of a skinhead look, a shaved head and a coat with a tricolor top. He is now a young man with well-combed hair and a stripe on the side, dressed in a black jacket and a carefully knotted shirt. With a calm voice, he introduces himself: "I worked at the Onet cleaning company, I learned yesterday that I was not working there anymore." Samuel Dufour, jeans and navy sweater, apparently tattoos, is today "bakery employee". As far as the latter is concerned, Alexandre Eyraud, 29 years old, who tried "violence in meetings" against the comrades of Clément Méric and punishable by five years imprisonment, he practices the profession of dog breeder.
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All listen to the charges without blinking. Flashback dating back to June 5, 2013, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. In a private sale of Fred Perry clothing, skinheads close to the extreme right-wing movement and Third Way activists led by Serge Ayoub accidentally meet the anti-fascist militants. Exchange of hostile words. Then, at the exit, shot. Clément Méric, 18, fragile silhouette weakened by leukemia, falls. He will die from a brain edema.
Who started? Were the skinheads armed with American fists? How many recordings have been made for the young student of Sciences Po? By who? It is now up to the six jurors, three men and three women, to unravel the contradictory versions of the witnesses and protagonists, to shed light on the death of the anti-fascist militant camp that considers a "political crime" and the other as a act of "self-defense". "There is a lot of excitement outside the audience or at least in the palace, and I hope that this study will take place with the utmost peace of mind, and I count on everyone's good will to respect these requirements so that we give the best justice," the president warned. .

Julie Brafman